Sidewalk improvements – making it safer at OES


school sign work2

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Photographer Edwin Dukes

Sandhill DukesSandhill Cranes – high up

Press image for larger

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Is it safe?

Beaulieu birds22The Town of Oliver, every year, hires licensed hunters to reduce the stock of Canada Geese in various spots in the municipality.

Picture and comments below by Mike Beaulieu

“Tuc-El-Nuit lake is busy with paddle boarders, kayakers, fishermen and the like this fine Sunday morning. I am sure a lot of people I see gathered around the shoreline and on the water are wondering why the town allows hunters to shoot geese or anything else for that matter on and around this small densely populated lake. Watching shotgun pellets splash in the water outside my living room window this morning is too close for comfort.”

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1600 dollars raised for charities – Bike run

hog one22Major benefactor was the St. Vincent de Paul Society in Penticton, a pickup loaded with toys  and about 1600 dollars in cash donations.

Gifts from Oliver will stay here so the Knights of Columbus Christmas hamper fund will recieve several toys and about 150 dollars thanks to the community.

John Young

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V-Day Oliver-Osoyoos will be holding our first meeting for the

2015 campaign on Thursday, September 25th at 7pm at the OIB Resource Center

(the building to the right of Sen Pok Chin off of McKinney Road).

V-Day is a global initiative to raise awareness and funding in an effort to stop violence against women and girls. There are many volunteer opportunities – something for everyone; no matter your age, gender or background. For more information about who we are and what we do visit or email with any inquiries.

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Daytime workshop – grief and loss

The Bereavement Resource Centre is hosting noted author, psychologist, & grief expert, Dr. Alan Wolfelt on Thurs. Sept. 25 at the Penticton Trade & Convention Center.

Dr. Wolfelt will present an accredited daytime workshop for members of the caregiving community who want to further develop their knowledge & skills in the art of companioning individuals during times of grief & loss.
Dr. Wolfelt will also speak at an evening public presentation that will help all of us understand how loss influences our lives.
For more information please contact the BRC @ 250-490-1107.

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The Ant and the Ladybug Pupa

linda anderson22Got a few of these on my deck in a flower pot. Some ladybug pupa and some larva. Will check them out tomorrow too.

Photographer Linda Anderson

Press image for larger

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High Speed Internet – call to get connected


Live Link

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Photographer Jeremy Cook

cook fairview22Up Fairview

Press image for larger

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Oliver food drive gathers nearly 5500 pounds

jim food driveDear Oliver residents:

On behalf of the Oliver Food Bank and our volunteers, I would like to thank each and every one of you who donated food items to Oliver’s 4th annual BC Thanksgiving Food Drive. This year saw us distributing donation bags to as many local residences as possible to give everyone an opportunity to make a donation of non-perishable food in support of the Oliver Food Bank. Through your generosity on Saturday more than 5460 pounds of food was collected. It’s amazing to see our small community pack our food bank to the rafters and to think of all the people who will be fed by that effort. Please remember that the Oliver Food Bank needs donations year-round!

I also need to give a huge thank you to our diverse and enthusiastic group of supporters and volunteers who made the food drive possible in Oliver. Thank you to our community partners: Sundridge Landscapes Ltd., the Oliver Alliance Church Youth Group, Specialty Kitchens & Countertops Ltd., the Oliver/Osoyoos Sikh Temple, Oliver Dental Care, Oliver Food Bank, Best of India Restaurant, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Oliver SuperValu. All of these community groups support us through volunteers and/or in-kind donations. I also need to thank those individuals and families who came out and gave of their time and talents to help us. We are extremely humbled at the support our community continues to provide.

The BC Thanksgiving Food Drive is a BC-wide project to support local food banks in their mission to feed the hungry. The BC Thanksgiving Food Drive is a non-denominational, community-focused project open to all interested individuals, groups, and businesses that wish to lend a hand. If you as a business, community group or individual are interested in helping out in next year’s food drive, please don’t hesitate to contact me. To see province wide information please go to:

jim food two

Jordan Noftle – Oliver area coordinator

BC Thanksgiving Food Drive

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Mark this on the calendar

Royal Purple  12th Annual



 9 a.m.  –  3 p.m. at the OLIVER ELKS HALL

 Lunch Available


 PHONE  DORIS:   250-498-6872

 Sponsored by:  Oliver Royal Purple Lodge #63

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RDOS election notice 1


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Live Link

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First day of school – make it a safe day

school sign22

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Winfield Easter Seals Camp gets surprise makeover

volunteersIt was a million dollar makeover that left the recipients in tears.

The Easter Seals Camp Winfield has been renovated in a project that was planned for over a year, but kept secret from the Easter Seals organization.

From building and painting new picnic tables to landscaping and major renovation work on buildings and equipment, 285 volunteers and 135 companies came together to spruce up the camp – all the brainchild of local resident Rob Ellis.

“Unbelievable. More than I could have ever wished for, for the kids,” said Nirm Blatchford, director of development for Easter Seals camps.

She and other officials were in tears as a special project was unveiled at the end of the day. A memorial pavilion in honour of children who have passed away will serve as a place of reflection for families, other campers and camp staff.

Stephen Miller, president and CEO of Easter Seals and the Lion’s Society, says he only learned of the project this morning. Organizers had asked him and Blatchford months ago to keep this weekend free but they didn’t know why.

“They’ve been working on this for a whole year and only this past Wednesday did they start moving stuff in,” said Miller. “It totally took us by surprise. I only learned about it four hours ago. It’s an incredible experience. It’s a once in a lifetime thing. It’s just amazing what they’ve done, that they took on an extreme makeover for this whole camp. It’s the greatest surprise I have ever received.”

The upgrade is far more extensive than anything the camp has seen in the past. “As a charity we really look for every dollar we can to pay for the services,” said Miller. “If we have money left over then we look at fixing things up. Normally every year we’ll come up with a list of 15 or 20 items.”

Usually he says repairs are small, such as painting fences or patching broken concrete. “But this is a wish list like no one has ever seen before. It’s a list of 220 items that have been done, and huge projects.”

Originally the caretakers had asked organizer Rob Ellis to consider helping them with a few small upgrade projects. He said he’d get his ball team together and see what they could do. They had no inkling he would take their idea much further.

“This is going to be a million dollar project when we’re done, very easily,” said Akbal Mund, in charge of the volunteer base. He also hopes it inspires other community groups.

“This is a ball team. Twelve people on a ball team who decided to do something for the community,” added Mund. “We thought about it and said, if we can do it how can we inspire other teams to look in their communities.”

Thanks to Castanet

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Photographer Eileen Redding

2x tandems22Two – in tandem – Oliver Airport

Press image for larger

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Rural report with Laird Smith

I been noting the story about the irrigation being turned off October 7th in the south end of the Valley.

In going through Wally’s columns, I came across one dated September 2nd 1971, on the irrigation water being used.

“We are nearing the end of another irrigation season and water users welcome it with a sigh of relief. It has been a trying summer of prolonged and extreme heat that has taxed the capacity of the SOLID irrigation works.

Some water users were short of water due to low pressure, but it has not been determined whether this was because of inadequate delivery equipment or because of other causes such as waste and over irrigation of land at less than the highest levels.

The greater part of the irrigation district seems to be served with an adequate water supply. It should not be a difficult problem to find out why some areas report a shortage.

It is well known that in the years of the old gravity system the Osoyoos district was getting fifty percent more water than what was needed to properly irrigate the land.

This was because much of the soil was the type that required frequent irrigation, and with plenty of water available the tendency was to pour it on with a minimum of equipment and ignore the leaky flumes and other wasteful equipment. This practice was not limited to the Osoyoos area.

Under the pressurized system the pumps are designed to deliver a given number of gallons per minute to each acre with a little extra for reserve.

The surplus available in the old gravity days is not there now. It is up to the grower to make the maximum use of his quota of water by eliminating leaks and using enough sprinkler equipment so that he does not allow part of his land to dry out while over-irrigating elsewhere.

It was an engineering mistake to build a pressurized irrigation system without installing the means to control the amount of water delivered to each farm lot.

With such control each lot would get its full measure of water — enough when properly used — but no more.

Absence of control this and previous years has resulted in some farm lots getting more water than a rightful share and other lots not getting enough. It’s going to be difficult to correct this situation.”

I don’t know how much has changed in the last 43 years, so it would be valuable to get some comments from the readers of this column.


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Super Valu

Back to Regular STORE HOURS:

8 am - 8 pm SEVEN DAYS A WEEK

Locally Owned and Operated

Wally & Terri Brogan



Find us on Facebook!



• No Name Thai • 8 KG BAG

$6.99 ( Reg: 11.99 )


• Ready to Drink

• No Name • 3.78 Lt. Jug



reg 5.99


• Pres. Choice 1.8 kg 

• Original or Mushroom



reg 6.79


• No Name 4 Pak

• Chick.Noodle or Onion



reg 2.79


• No Name Pure 225 g







reg 13.99

Department Specials


BC GROWN • 1.06 kg





• Frozen

 • 908 g Bag







 Ovenfresh • 454 G




Full Service Floral 


 • 5 Stem Bunch





• Made in our Deli







TUES.SEPT.23: LASAGNA w/Garlic Toast..................... 5.99

WED.SEPT.24: SOUVLAKI w/ Rice & Greek Salad......... 6.99

THURS.: CHINESE FOOD.........Made in our Deli..100g.1.69

FRIDAYS: BORSCHT or CHILI....small  3.29...large 4.29

               CABBAGE ROLLS............................2 / 4.99

               PEROGIES......................................6 / 2.99

               CHICKEN WINGS..............................5 / 2.00

Prices in effect: Fri. Sept. 19 - Thurs. Sept. 25       ** Quantities Limited, While Stocks Last **

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Applicants needed

bctreeBC Tree Fruits Cooperative (BCTFC) requires an outstanding individual for the role of Assistant Plant Manager at our southern facilities to assist the Plant Manager in all aspects of plant operations for the main packinghouse and supporting satellite receiving, shipping and storage facilities.

We offer a competitive salary and benefits package. We would like to thank all applicants in advance. Only those selected for interviews will be contacted.

Please submit your resume and cover letter, quoting competition: APM, with your salary expectations by October 3, 2014 to:

Human Resources BC Tree Fruits Cooperative 1473 Water Street Kelowna, BC V1Y 1J6 Fax: 250-470-4514 Email:


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Challenge cup


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Movie Night in the Park

spiderman (2)

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Photographer John Chapman

chapman field

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“Lace it up” – small crowd at Osoyoos and Oliver arenas


In Oliver three youngsters on the ice getting a bit of attention from older hockey players in the SO Minor Hockey Association. Event billed as a way of getting a jump start on training.

Report of small turnout as well in Osoyoos this morning.

Could be the 75 outdoor temperature and “back to school” prep underway.

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Zoli’s view of a morning

zoli's morning22

Zoli Kovacs

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‘Hog heaven’ at local mall today

hog one22

The South Okanagan Motorcycle Toy Run collecting toys and donations for local needy children, dropped into the Oliver Place Mall to collect donations Sunday.

Even Santa Red showed up.

hog two22

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