So you thought it was summer ?

sandra snowMt. Baldy today

Photo Sandra Smith

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Sagebrushers at the ‘Owl’


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Hwy signs – count them

moti sign22Top Tip – Bill Eggert – Weathered Mt. Baldy sign being refreshed in the early hours of Wednesday

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Charges laid

dump22RCMP report

On April 18th, Police responded to a collision at Bobcat Court and Hwy 3 Osoyoos.
A semi-truck and trailer were travelling too fast and rolled onto its side. A car was
damaged as it hit debris from the damaged trailer. The truck driver suffered
minor scratches to his hip and the driver and passenger in the car were unhurt. The 41
year old male driver from Surrey was charged under the Motor Vehicle Act for Driving
Without Due Care and Attention



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What will parents and public notice?

school22Teachers across British Columbia will stop carrying out tasks and duties considered “non-essential” by the B.C. Labour Relations Board, and that means recess will be cancelled for some students.

BC Teachers’ Federation president Jim Iker said six school districts have plans to cancel recess when the phase-one action begins Wednesday.

In some cases, cancelling recess could mean the school day is shortened by 15 minutes.

Iker explained that voluntary activities in which teachers are involved will continue during the first phase of the planned job action, but some teachers’ duties will be left to principals, vice-principals, and other management.

“Our expectation is that, according to the essential services legislation, excluded staff will be picking up supervision,” he said.

The withdrawal of non-essential duties is part the first stage in a multi-level strike action that was announced by the Teachers’ Federation last week.

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Turf time

turf one22

turf two22

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Is car rally in Osoyoos for insiders or the public?

jf car oneCar Rally in South Okanagan –  Saturday May 31st

Area 27 Rally – promoted by those wanting a race track on OIB land in Oliver

Entry is $200 per car and driver, plus $170 per passenger/navigator, and includes the following meals at Spirit Ridge Resort

area 27 website credit

area 27 website credit

Rally on Saturday is on paved roads. As per tradition, the route is secret. (Bump grinding in progress?)

More information for the Area 27 Rally, please call 1-877-313-9463

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Potable water to Loose Bay ???

greg norton

Three question marks in headline.

What day will camp open?
Will potable water be available?
What is slowing the process?

Greg Norton of the Loose Bay Society says he wants to thank three levels of government for trying to solve the current problem – no water supply.

Norton says the MOTI (Highways) has been excellent is allowing a Right of Way on Secrest Hill to be used for a water pipe. The Town water utility is attempting to get all permissions in place to connect to well water says Norton and the RDOS is helping with funding.

What he needs is help with other provincial regulators. Health being the biggest hurdle.

The Loose Bay society may have to open with tanked or bottled water and portable washrooms as it appears that potable water to the campground may not be possible without some approvals this week.

Norton says finding all the money ($46,000) and getting all the permissions, and getting the ground work done may not be possible before June 1st.

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Super Valu

Locally Owned and Operated

Wally & Terri Brogan

Store hours: 8 am - 8pm




Find us on Facebook!



• Case of 24 x 85g • Beef, Chicken, Shrimp, Chicken Veg.

 $3.99(approx. 17¢ ea)


• No Name

 • 4 Lt. Jug



reg 3.99


• No Name brand
 • 200 g Bag



reg 1.99


• Strawb. or Rasp.

• 1 Lt. Jar



reg 5.99


• No Name Brand
• 946 ml




reg 3.29

Department Specials


• Mexico • 2.18 kg





• Boneless • Club Pak

• Can.Gr.AA • 8.80kg





• Wheat & Multigrain

• 454g Bread  **NEW **






• 5 Stem Bunch






** New **

• Made in our Deli






MON.APR.28: BEEF CANNELLONI w/ Garlic Toast.........5.99

TUES.APR.29: LOADED SMOKIES w/ Fries or Jojos.......4.99

WED.APR.23: MAC & CHEESE....................................4.99

THURSDAYS: CHINESE FOOD...Made in our Deli..100g.1.69

FRIDAYS: BORSCHT or CHILI.....small3.29...large 4.29

               CABBAGE ROLLS.............................2 / 4.99

               PEROGIES.......................................6 / 2.99

               CHICKEN WINGS..............................5 / 2.00

Prices in effect: Wed. Apr. 23 - Thurs. May 1        ** Quantities Limited, While Stocks Last **

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Rehearse and rehearse again

rod two22Sage Valley Voices at United Church this week – preparing to entertain the public Saturday and Sunday – Photos by Rod Rose rod one22

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Wow what a week


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Royal LePage – Garage Sale for Shelter

On Saturday, May 10th Royal LePage South Country and affiliated offices across Canada will be transformed into an oasis for bargain hunters as they join together to host the 6th Annual National Garage Sale for Shelter.

This annual event brings local residents together to raise much-needed funds and awareness to help break the cycle of family violence. One hundred percent of all funds raised at the Garage Sale for Shelter goes to support Oliver’s local women’s shelter, the Desert Sun Counselling and Resource Center, and to fund long-term solutions to end family violence.

Half of all women in Canada have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16.

67% of Canadians personally know a woman who has been abused.

On average, every six days a woman in Canada is killed by her intimate partner.
360,000 children are exposed to domestic violence each year.

When: Saturday, May 10th, 2014
Where:  Southwinds Crossing Shopping Center


Since 2009, the Garage Sale for Shelter has raised more than $1.6 million dollars, one quarter and loonie at a time. The community is encouraged to take part by donating gently used items to our office located at

#125 5451 Main Street – Southwinds Crossing Shopping Center

 please contact:  Ann Hayes or Beth Garrish at

Royal LePage South Country – 250-498-6222

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AGM – Oliver and District Heritage Society

ODHS President Sue Morhun did an AGM  presentation highlighting the successes and challenges of 2013. These included completing the museum renovation, procedures and policies, staff turnover, and grants approved for summer staffing amongst other things.

The 2013 Financial review was approved and a revised version of the 2014 budget was also approved by the membership.

Revisions proposed to the organizations Constitution and By-laws  were approved by the membership. Most of the revisions were made to coincide with the current Societies Act.

Two new Board members were elected, Pat Hampson and Carolyn Bowering.

Sue Morhun was presented with a certificate of appreciation by Allan Patton of the RDOS in thanks for her work as the chair of ODHS during a time of turmoil.

Greg Norton then did his presentation which was informative and entertaining. He had some great stories!

Notes on meeting supplied by new Community Heritage Manager Pamela Woolner

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Ditch Day is Due

greg ditch22

Greg Norton is an entertainer if you can get him on a stage. A seasoned politician, an accomplished farmer, a rancher, a businessman, a water works foreman, national tv star….you name it.

Last week he was the guest speaker at the AGM of the Oliver and District Heritage Society and boy did he have stories.

From his grand-father to his father, to him – he is stooped in the history of this area and he knows the importance of the “Ditch”.  * (stooped with history)

“What would those engineers have thought when they came here in the 20′s to see this arid land with no water for agriculture. They must have been trained well to build this long system from a diversion of Okanagan River at McIntrye Bluff all the way to Osoyoos with laterals running north and east across the valley bottom. Incredible.

Oliver needs to celebrate the “Ditch” because we all still depend upon it. Ditch Day coming soon…..


Following World War I, BC Premier “Honest” John Oliver initiated the Soldiers’ Settlement project in the South Okanagan. This initiative was designed to provide immediate and long term economic opportunities for soldiers recently returned from overseas. An ambitious water supply project was to be built between Vaseux Lake and the US Border to create thousands of farmable acres, which would be sold to the new settlers.

An open-channel irrigation canal was built in the following years under the auspices of the South Okanagan Lands Project, supplying water by gravity to potentially serve 5,000 or so acres of land. Although the portion of canal south of Road 18 has since been abandoned, approximately 20 km remains in service today, serving as the life-line to most of the area’s farming community.

In the 1960s, the Provincial Government handed the irrigation system to local farmers, by creating the South Okanagan Lands Irrigation District. A significant system upgrade was undertaken, converting much of the gravity-fed lateral ditches to pressurized pipelines. The main canal, locally known as “The Ditch”, continued in operation, however, to provide water to the four main irrigation pumping stations in the rural Oliver area. The elevation of the ditch, which is up to 30m above the level of the River in places, provided an important advantage in reducing the necessary pumping power and resultant annual power bills.

With a loss of provincial assistance, SOLID began supplying water to domestic customers in the rural area and along the edge of the Village of Oliver, as it was. The water rate charged to these customers played, and continues to play an important role in keeping agricultural irrigation rates at a minimum.

Unfortunately, the irrigation system was never designed to meet today’s water quality requirements for residential use. Water quality concerns have confronted SOLID since it began supplying water for domestic use. During summer months, surface water is diverted into the canal from the Okanagan River and is used for irrigation and rural domestic customers alike. Treatment is limited to simple chlorination, with minimal contact times.

In the late 1980′s growth pressures in Oliver and Osoyoos brought pressure on SOLID. Both municipalities were exploring boundary expansions and conflicts over who would continue to supply water to the growth areas; this was brought to the Province and again the South Okanagan water supply stage one more time. In late 1989, the Province dissolved SOLID and turned its assets and operations over to the Towns of Oliver (60%) and Osoyoos (40%).

During the 1990′s, the Town of Oliver undertook a major $5 million rehabilitation and automation of the irrigation canal system. This project, funded under the initial Canada-BC Infrastructure program, placed over 3.5 km of canal underground, solving key rock-fall concerns of the past, repaired or replaced approximately 4 km of remaining open canal, upgraded several control structures, and automated much of the canal’s day-to-day operations.

Just part of the history of Oliver’s water utility.

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