Greetings Everyone – Provincial Tournament in Oliver next week


The AA Field Hockey Provincial Tournament is being hosted by SOSS on November 6,7,8.

The SOSS Girls play at the following times –

Thursday November 6 – 10:00 am on the Oliver Elementary School Field against Brentwood from Vancouver Island

Thursday November 6 – 12:30 pm on the Tuc-el-Nuit Elementary School Field against Collingwood from the North Shore

Friday November 7 – 8:30 am on the SOSS Field against Southridge from Surrey.

They will also have three Playoff Matches – times to be determined

The girls would very much appreciate your attendance at their matches.

Hope to see you there !

Coach Ian Gibson

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Q and A – RDOS candidate for Director – Joel Malcolm

joel pix

10 questions from Oliver Daily News

1. What would you change if elected Area  C Director?

I would change the elected position’s mindset from acting as the director to being an active listener, a listening representative representing the Area C residents’ points of view, regardless the leaning and without any personal bias.

2. Would you change or enhance the relationship with the Town including joint services such as Frank Venables Theatre, Oliver Parks, Oliver Heritage, Dump

Rather than change or enhance, I would try to advance the relationship with the Town to a level where both parties understand the folly of Private Societies operating joint services. An enhanced answer would take away from the other nine questions. The expanded answer can be found on the website known as JoelMalcolm then simply add a .com and you are there.

3. Should the RDOS take over rural fire protection?


4. Should the people of Area C be engaged in an information exchange about different forms of governance including a district municipality?

Why Not?

5. National Park – promote one OR?

Few would deny the logic of conservation and to that end would encourage and promote a Provincial Park, achieving the most with the least resistance or achieving the most with greatest amount of support, depending on which side you were on to begin with.

6. Loose Bay water – whose responsibility and cost?

Responsibility for costs ought to be with those who employ our fellow Canadians by making charitable and tax deductable donations to the non profit Loose Bay Society to enable them to bear the responsibility and the costs. That’s a perfect example of a non profit society’s role in society,

7. Wine Capital or Rural Community with MANY attributes

Wine Capital of Canada was/is a self-appointed title and as meaningful as such. In reality it is the Rural Community including the Osoyoos Indian Band making it possible for the Town to make such a claim.

Perhaps Wine Country Capital is more apropos? If elected, I will ask for and report the Wineries’ points of view. On the other hand, I think only a few take the Town of Oliver’s Wine Capital claim seriously.

8.Your ideas for change if elected

Same answer as question 1.

9. Ways to bring OIB, rural and town closer together

If we are not going to include the Osoyoos Indian Band or the Rural Area in the Wine Country Capital concept, then begin instead by involving all parties in the basic problems of, water, sewage and air pollution to ensure same interest levels by all concerned. The solutions will be most meaningful to all and may cause the Town to come to grips with the fact that neither the OIB nor the Rural Area needs the Town to survive and prosper. The same cannot be said for the Town.

10. More business? more industry? more jobs? HOW

Both the Osoyoos Indian Band and the Rural Communities are continually growing their cultural, agricultural, tree fruit, vintner, ranching, tourist and other businesses along with their supporting industries, thereby creating more jobs. If the Town would do the same we would be in paradise.

Joel Malcolm

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Surprise phantom


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Prince Yorke from the plant Ryder

prince yorke22

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More orientation sessions in the Okanagan

VICTORIA – Due to popular demand, BC Corrections, in partnership with
the Justice Institute of BC, is holding three additional orientation
sessions for Okanagan residents interested in becoming correctional

Previously scheduled sessions held in Osoyoos, Oliver and Penticton
were well-received, with 290 people attending the initial two-hour
orientation sessions and just over 200 attending or registered for the
more in-depth readiness sessions.

The new Okanagan Correctional Centre (OCC) will create more than 240
correctional officer positions in the area. With it slated for
completion in 2016, these sessions will help prepare those interested
for the next steps in the process.

The two-hour orientation sessions will provide an overview of
correctional work, including the culture, safety and security, team
work and professionalism, which are fundamental aspects of the job:

* Nov. 10, 2014 – Frank Venables Theatre, Oliver – 6-8 p.m.
* Nov. 22, 2014 – Justice Institute, Kelowna – 9-11 a.m.
* Nov. 22, 2014 – Justice Institute, Kelowna – 1-3 p.m.

Those interested in attending can call 604 462-5170, or register by
email at with REGISTER in the subject line.
Please include your first and second session choices and contact
information in the body of the email.

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The promise – gin before Christmas


Still is in – but tanks and boiler to supply steam still a work in progress

Grant Stevely, Dubh Glas

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November 5th


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Hand crafted items for Christmas – next week

fibre broads

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Steve Ceron Facebook portrait

Steve Ceron Facebook portrait

Steve Ceron was appointed Publisher of both Osoyoos Times and Oliver Chronicle in 2013 along with the Peachland View – part of the Aberdeen Publishing Company owned by Robert W. (Bob) Doull of Penticton.

Sources in Osoyoos and Oliver indicated that Steve was saying his good byes this week and returns to his own publishing company in Kamloops.

Ceron held the position of Group Publisher and General Manager of the Osoyoos paper.

No information yet on an interim manager being appointed by the owner.

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Today – SOSS

hallow two22



hallow 22Scarier


hallow three22Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum – Winners both in dress up contest

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Scareview – past and present

scareview22scareview4scareview3scareview8scareview cellscareview5scareview7

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Siddon takes on a challenger


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Murder on a bus in Kelowna

cops2Man in his 50’s stabbed in neck on Kelowna transit bus. Pronounced dead at hospital. No suspect. Incident at 6:30 pm approx.

Kelowna RCMP statement – “Police are investigating after a man suffered fatal injuries in an altercation on a city bus Thursday.

The Kelowna RCMP were called to a report of a disturbance on a city transit bus on Baron Road behind Dilworth Centre, located at 2339 Highway 97. An unknown male passenger was rushed to hospital but he succumbed to his injuries. Efforts are underway to apprehend the suspect.

No further details will be provided at this time.”

With files from Castanet

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Super Valu


8 am - 8 pm SEVEN DAYS A WEEK

Locally Owned and Operated

Wally & Terri Brogan



Find us on Facebook!



• Roger's Golden • 2 KG BAG

2/7.00( Reg: 4.99 )


• No Name Brand

• Bulk 2 kg Bag



reg 14.99


• No Name Brand

• 500 g Tin





• No Name Brand

• 375 g Bag



reg 3.99


• No Name Artificial

• 250 ml *1/2 Price*






reg 13.99

Department Specials


• California Grown 

• 1.69 kg










• Ovenfresh • 454g





$3.99 • 5 Stem Bunch

Floral Dept: Doris 250-498-2636 Ext-1



•  Sliced Fresh Daily






MON.NOV.3: CHICKEN BURGER w/Fries or Jojos........ 6.99

TUE.NOV.4: BEEF CANNELLONI w/Garlic Toast............5.99

WED.NOV 5: STUFFED POTATO SKINS (Asst Var.)......1.99

THURS.: CHINESE FOOD.......Made in our Deli..100g.1.69

FRIDAYS: BORSCHT or CHILI.....small 3.29...large 4.29

               CABBAGE ROLLS.............................2 / 4.99

               PEROGIES.......................................6 / 2.99

               CHICKEN WINGS..............................5 / 2.00

Prices in effect: Fri. Oct. 31 - Thurs. Nov. 6       ** Quantities Limited, While Stocks Last **

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Down the aisle

down the aisle oct 31

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Recordings at new theatre to be broadcast this weekend

Sheryl.jpgCBC broadcasts “on-air” from Oliver

Over the coming weeks CBC host Sheryl MacKay will broadcast the many interviews and features she recorded on stage at the Frank Venables Theatre. Her radio show, North by Northwest which airs weekend mornings from 6-9am had guest Rosemary Thomson, music director and conductor of the Okanagan Symphony Orchestra as her first guest. Rosemary also provided piano accompaniment for two young and very talented violinists who perform with the Okanagan Youth Orchestra. Both young people, who played beautifully, had the opportunity to also discuss with Sheryl their love of music.

June Goldsmith, a regular music guest on the show provided a lively demonstration on the piano of the musical life and times of the classical composer Mozart. While in Oliver this week, Sheryl also did feature interviews at the Burrowing Owl Estate Winery, with Chris Wyse, Jean Benoit Landry and Sophie Laurent, getting an inside look into the operations of the vineyard, winery and tasting room.

Listen to CBC’s North by Northwest over the next couple of weekends for a series of on-air segments on life in Oliver and the South Okanagan.

Photo – CBC’s Sheryl MacKay (L) and June Goldsmith (R) with two young violinists with the Okanagan Youth Orchestra

Submitted by Wendy Newman

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Christmas planning – Parties and Pies


If you are planning an open house or frequent entertaining then let

Parties & Pies do all the work for you

We specialize in preparing a variety of party foods that will please the most discerning guest and make your entertaining easy.

We put together packages of a variety of savoury and sweet, finger foods that can be frozen until needed, including

Party sized sausage rolls, variety of quiche, spanokapita, tortiere,
vol-o-vent, salmon tartlets, cheese puffs, veggie/cheese turnovers.

Assorted brownies, variety of squares, mince tarts, butter tarts, coconut macaroons, rum balls, chocolate truffles, all butter shortbread. (nut free assortments available)

Each order allows for 4-5 savoury items and 4-5 sweet items, per person

Price for 20-25 persons, $125.00
45-50 persons, $225.00
Gourmet cheese balls or logs, $15.00, serves 20.
$35.00, serves 50.

Pick up by arrangement, when needed
Also…..fully catered, buffet meals, minimum 25 persons $22.00 p.p.

Call Pat 485-0010 or use email at

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Notice of election

school district ad

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Notice from RDOS

rdos notice two22

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Notice from RDOS

rdos notice one22

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Vote as you please – Please vote!

Advance Poll next Wednesday at the Community Hall 8am to 8pm

All Candidates Meeting the day before at 7pm at the Frank Venables Theatre

This election there is no race for the Mayor’s chair but lots of choices for Rural Director, School Trustee positions and the four councillor seats.

Most important to ODN is the referendum on the operational costs of the Frank Venables Theatre.

It is important that you make your “X” –  make your choice – refer back to the headline – Please vote.

General Election Day Saturday November 15th

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Q and A – Rural Area C – Rick Knodel candidate

ricklend22I have been asked a number of questions and I will do my best to answer as many as possible.

The relationship between the town and the RDOS is like a marriage – both partners have a distinct personality but must work together to be successful. As with all relationships there will be differences – the challenge is to work together on the solutions; to this end I believe the relationship has been healthy and I would strive to maintain and improve where possible. (Together we stand strong.)

The Frank Venables Theatre is an iconic piece of Oliver and area; the loss of the grand old girl was tragic but like a Phoenix from the ashes has come the new, a structure of which we can all be proud. Societies are judged by their culture and to this end I feel the new Frank Venables Theatre speaks well of the residents of Oliver and Area “C”.

Oliver parks and recreational facilities are among if not “the” finest that I have seen for a community of under ten thousand, that also means that costs must be monitored and revenue streams must be constantly developed so as to lessen the tax burden and strengthen the economy. Credit must be given to the staff and administration of the Oliver Parks and Recreation Society for the care they provide. We need only to compare with larger centers to see the quality given.

The OIB is a major economic engine for both the town and area – for that we are very fortunate. There is a rumor that the band is working on a world class race course and that would improve the dynamics for all the businesses in the area.

The national park is one place I agree with the town council in that the use of the area becomes elitist with too many others who currently use the area responsibly being locked out, hunters, horse riders, etc. The control of a national park is ultimately by a heavy handed bureaucracy located to far away and with no economic or moral tie to the area; as example the closure of the False Creek Coast Guard station in Vancouver. A move that will cost lives and affect the lively hood of a great many people yet no ear was given to the many objections. I would be more comfortable to a provincial park but I really do not see the need for a park. At one of the meetings I attended the Parks Canada people admitted that the current stewardship of the land was very well done and to that end the land is open for all to use and enjoy.

One of my greatest concerns is that a number of our bylaws and regulations were copied from other areas with very little thought given to the unique needs of where they were to be applied. One example being the current signage law if applied as written will severely damage the economics of the area with many small farms and wineries bearing the brunt of poorly thought out laws. These industries are already in distress and are in need of help not hindrances.
The new road work at Gallagher Lake is a sever hazard at best. This area is rapidly becoming a community straddling the highway. Street lighting falls to the regional district and should be a priority. Traffic controls such as cross walks, pedestrian controlled crossing, and or speed control need to be decided on with the Dept. of Highways and implemented promptly.

I believe that most of us are very concerned about our environment and are willing to sacrifice both time and money to making safe the world on which we live. What is very annoying is government and large corporations that hide behind the skirts of the green god in order to draw more revenue out of us; the two tier rate structure foremost in my mind. This was to “discourage the frivolous use of electrical energy”. This is a little discouraging to those on a fixed income. It was not that long ago that the then power company West Kootenay was encouraging the rural residents to change from the then common oil or propane heat to the new “cleaner more economical for decades to come” electric heating.

There is no end to the issues in any area but if approached with common sense and an end goal being the economic health and well being of our farms and small businesses all of our lives will be much improved. I hope to have the privilege of serving the people of Area “C” and Oliver in the future.

Rich Knodel

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Q and A – RDOS Area C – Terry Schafer candidate

terryWhat changes are needed where action could take place? There are a couple highways safety issues I’d like to see addressed such as a Leighton Crescent turn lane, expanded street lighting and a pedestrian crossing remedy at Gallagher Lake. Items like those need to get into the queue as soon as possible so they can be costed and aligned with upcoming Provincial budgets.

On the general question of change I don’t believe in change just for the sake of change. That costs more for taxpayers for questionable results.

Regarding Area C’s relationship with the Town. One has to consider the decades of negotiations that have shaped the current agreements governing our common services. Fairness is my guiding principle and I would always strive to maintain a fair and respectful relationship.

Your question about enhancing a relationship with the Town sounds like an enhanced financial contribution and there’s nothing on my radar in that regard.

Should the RDOS take over rural fire protection? As Treasurer and Board member of the Oliver Fire Protection District perhaps it’s improper for me to answer that question but if I were allowed to offer an opinion I’d have to say “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

The concept of a District Municipality has previously proposed, studied extensively and rejected. I would still firmly reject the notion. Too costly for all concerned except the Provincial Gov’t.

Regarding promoting or not promoting a National Park. That’s an issue that even serves to divide my own family. I’m sick of how it’s, to this day, dividing our communities. The only thing I would promote would be a referendum question at the next election or sooner to settle this democratically.

Loose Bay water. I firstly have to say “Good on the Rotary Club for spearheading the Loose Bay initiative.” I realize that Loose Bay resides in Area C and that the RDOS should carry some or most of the responsibility for overseeing it’s operation but the Town also garners a great deal of benefit. Consider that the local economy is agriculturally based. A contribution from Town Council would be appropriate.

How can you find ways to bring OIB, Area C and Town closer together? I will say, perhaps at my peril, that this is something I feel strongly about. We enjoy a very special cost sharing arrangement with all three local governments that has evolved over the decades for the benefit of all constituents. Those, previously mentioned include Fire protection, Parks and Rec etc. Personally I feel privileged to have played a part in hosting the Okanagan Nation Alliance at our property for many years as a base for their salmon studies and, just as an aside, perhaps it may be worth noting that I was born on a ‘Rez’ (Bella Bella) and I believe I have an ability to understand such relationships quite well. I also work every single day at being the best ambassador for the region I can be.

More businesses, more industry, more jobs. How, indeed, is the question and there are no easy answers. Naturally we’d love to see our kids have work locally and I’ve been stunned at seeing so many of our locals going north and to Alberta and Saskatchewan for work. They have to do what they have to do and I understand that. Inviting clean industry to the area needs to continue. On a private note I tried to encourage local hydrogen production working with the Lower Similkameen Indian Band, Mike Harcourt, Barbara Sharp and BC Gas to try to take advantage of wind powered electrolysis and a pipeline to the coast that was scheduled to be upgraded with the smaller line to be left in the ground. This coordination effort took years and eventually was thwarted by an abandonment of BC Gas’s project. I was, understandably, deflated but not overly discouraged as it was a useful exercise in getting major players on the same page towards a beneficial goal. I feel confident that experience will be helpful in the future.

Wine Capital of Canada?  That was an initiative I was proud to get behind as the liaison to the Chamber at the time. The idea was, as I recall, Jessica Murphy and Paul Bouchard’s and I was pleased to bring it to Council where it was unanimously endorsed. I was given free reign to come up with the grape and Wine Capital logo on the equipment and had the decals produced locally. The idea that we can, quite properly, denote our greater community as the ‘Wine Capital’ takes nothing away from the agricultural and industrial diversity we enjoy. It was simply a superb marketing idea that was low cost and perfect in terms of timing.

Terry Schafer

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Defending Legion Monument

legion lexie

Lexie (Endreny) Shepherd at the OK Falls Branch #227 last week paying her respect to a fallen comrade.

Photo by Glennda Nuessler

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