More exploratory talks scheduled for next Friday

BC Teachers’ Federation PresidentJim Iker and BC Public School Employers’ Association lead negotiator Peter Cameron agreed on today, to resume negotiations next week.

“At noon today, BCTF and BCPSEA agreed to meet on August 8 in order to seek a way forward for resolving the current bargaining dispute before the start of the new school year,” they said in a joint statement.

That brief statement offers some hope to families that the months-old teachers strike and lockout will be resolved before school is set to start on Wednesday, September 3.

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Truck leans over – stopping traffic west of Keremeos

truck flip22

Thanks to Castanet

Highway 3 was closed in both directions on Hwy 3 due to a vehicle accident this morning.

A logging truck rolled onto its side blocking traffic. It was open to one lane traffic and then the road totally cleared this afternoon.

The incident happened just before 7 a.m. The driver was not seriously injured and was treated at the health clinic in Keremeos.

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Tastes wonderful – make a reservation

pasta fairview

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Super Valu


OPEN Mon. Aug.4  8:00 am - 7:00 pm 


8 am - 9 pm SEVEN DAYS A WEEK



Find us on Facebook!



• Blue Diamond • 946 ml • 6 Varieties

2/5.00 ( Reg: 3.29 )


• No Name • 540 ml



reg 1.69



• No Name 2 Lt. Jar



reg 4.99


• Rose's Brand

• 739 ml



reg 4.99


• No Name 908 g Bag






reg 13.99

Department Specials


• Fresh • Dole






• Johnsonville • 500g • NEW





• Package of 6





 8:00am - 9:00pm


OPEN B.C. DAY 8:00am - 7:00pm




• Made in our Deli






MON.AUG.4: B.C. DAY  Open 8:00am - 7:00pm

TUES.AUG.5: BURRITO PIE....................................... 4.99

WED.AUG.6: PHILLY CHEESESTEAK w/Fries or Jojos.. 6.99

THURSDAYS: CHINESE FOOD...Made in our Deli..100g.1.69

FRIDAYS: BORSCHT or CHILI.....small3.29...large 4.29

               CABBAGE ROLLS.............................2 / 4.99

               PEROGIES.......................................6 / 2.99

               CHICKEN WINGS..............................5 / 2.00

Prices in effect: Fri. Aug. 1 - Thurs. Aug. 7       ** Quantities Limited, While Stocks Last **

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RDOS Public Notice (2)

bella onebella two

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Opens today – free slushies

logo for wk trading22

9001 Highway 97 – north of Oliver

wk trading22

Opens at 9am – closes at 9pm each day

brauns one22

W.K. Trading Co. is more than a convenient store for a neighbourhood it will have a complete line of food and grocery items, general merchandise and specialty items.

Drop in and watch the store grow!

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Was power out? – will the smart meter help?

Power out for 2 hours in the Tucelnuit Lake area

Former Headline: Attention Fortis

I am working in my car

Power is out in parts of Oliver

Trying to determine cause and time it will come back on

Will do our best at ODN on battery systems

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$40 a day for parents if strike continues

The B.C. government is offering the parents of each public school student under the age of 13 years $40 a day if the provincial teachers’ strike is not over by the start of classes in September.

Finance Minister Mike de Jong announced Thursday the cash will be paid using savings made from not having to pay teachers during the strike.

The program will cost the government about $12 million a day, which is about the same amount of money it costs to run the school system, said de Jong.

De Jong says parents will be able to claim their $40 per day per child through a website set up by the provincial government and may use the money however they see fit.

“There are costs that occur to families and parents when their children aren’t where they should be, which is in school,” said De Jong.
The B.C. government is offering parents $40 a day if classrooms remain empty in September. (CBC)

“Parents can utilize that money to acquire tutoring for their children, they can use the money to explore other educational opportunities as they see fit and for some parents, it’ll be basic daycare.”

Jim Iker felt surprised by reports Thursday morning that parents could receive $40 a day from the provincial government for children under age 13 if the teachers’ strike continues in September. “Government seems to be putting more energy into prolonging the lockout and ensuring that the dispute continues in September rather than putting their energies into agreeing to go into mediation with us so we can get a mediated deal at the bargaining table,” said Iker, president of the B.C. Teachers’ Federation.


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Cooling trend continues

long weekend22

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Literacy Now

lit now

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Feast for the senses* – Fibre Broads are back in August

heart-yarn The Fibre Broads and Friends open the doors wide from Tuesday August 12 to Saturday August 16 at the Studio Building, Quail’s Nest Arts Centre 5840 Airport Street.

Drop by from 11 am to 4 pm each day to see their luxurious items for sale and watch studio demonstrations. Besides their touchable knitted, felted, and woven items for the home and wearables, there will be gorgeous jewelry and art work, yummy honey and sweet-smelling beeswax candles.

Truly a feast for the senses … and perfect shopping for gifts at any season of the year! The Fibre Broads are Jen Allgeier, Terry Irvine, and Klaudia Deschenes. Joining them for the week are their friends Marion Trimble, JoAnn Turner, Cindy Levesque and Barbara Levant. Each artist will have their own work station where visitors can watch and chat about their craft. Demonstrations will differ each day – check them out more than once! Fibre Broads Poster

Thanks to Oliver Community Arts Council

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Mom and Elodie

mom and melodie22

Press picture for larger

Thanks to Elodie and her mom – visiting Oliver and taking in the entertainment

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Busy night in the park for photographers

photag one22

Bob Cameron – I will send some later


On stage Hilary Drummond – press all pictures for larger

photag two22

Dale Cory and Penelope Johnson

I have to admit I was not there for the other performances due to another engagement – but I think you will see those pictures and a story later.

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Utility Clerk – wanted

too utility clerk

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Of interest to some

The City of Penticton has received clarity on its contractual relationship with the Penticton Hospitality Association through the B.C. Supreme Court, and is looking to move forward in a collaborative manner to achieve the common goal of bringing more tourists to the City of Penticton.

“This issue has been a very difficult one for the City of Penticton, as we have a duty to protect taxpayer funds and ensure they are being used in the proper way,” said Mayor Garry Litke.

“That is why the City has been consistently asking the PHA for two things: provide further and better financial reporting, and sufficient assurances that it will improve its tourism marketing activities going forward. Although it has been a difficult process, the City believes the court process has ensured that the PHA takes its duties under the HRT Agreement and the applicable legislation seriously.”
The City filed a Petition in B.C. Supreme Court because, when it received the audited financial statements for 2012 from the PHA in October 2013, those statements confirmed that the PHA had only spent $74,000 of the $400,000 that the City had advanced to the PHA in 2012. This City was very concerned about what it perceived as a failure of the PHA to discharge its function of marketing the City for the benefit of all tourism stakeholders – some of whom specifically had come forward to the City with concerns to this effect.

In the fall of 2013 the City did not have confidence that the PHA would sufficiently improve their marketing efforts and they notified the PHA that they wished to bring the Agreement to an end and transition the tourism marketing to Tourism Penticton.  The City asked the PHA to cooperate with that transition, however, the organization refused and demanded that the City continue to forward the funds. At that point, the PHA stopped providing monthly financial reporting.  When the City later failed to receive a 2014 budget from the PHA, the City became even more concerned. Written communication between legal counsel for the two parties did not yield the necessary documentation to address the impasse; therefore, the City was left with no other recourse than to petition the B.C. Supreme Court.

Yesterday, reasons for judgment from the BC Supreme Court were provided on the petition hearing on the Additional Hotel Room Tax (AHRT) that proceeded in early February of this year.

In his reasons, Justice Betton does not determine whether the respective parties committed breaches of the Agreement between them.  He focuses primarily on the two main issues: whether the agreement has been terminated and if there are any breaches significant or fundamental enough to bring an end to the agreement. Ultimately Justice Betton concluded that he could not find that the PHA had fundamentally breached its obligations or that the agreement was otherwise at an end.
Justice Betton noted several things in his reasons about the situation that confirmed the City’s position:
“There may well be room to be critical of the PHA and argue that it has not served the interest of the stakeholders by being as active in promoting new projects and marketing as possible. That however is not the task of this court…”
“While it is apparent that the delivery of monthly financial statements was delayed, I am unable to characterize that breach as a fundamental breach, particularly in light of the Mediation and Action Plan that arose from it.  If there has been a breach I cannot characterize it as a fundamental breach.  The certification referred to appears to have been to satisfy a requirement of the province and could still be provided if needed.  The extent of detail the City seeks regarding spending is understandable and something that can be addressed going forward.”
Justice Betton also found: “It is apparent from the review of all of the material and hearing submissions from counsel for the parties that the relationship between these parties is not conducive to effective or efficient communication or collaboration to achieve the broad objectives for the tax scheme.”
Mayor Litke acknowledges there is work to be done in terms of communications and relations. “Clearly both parties have a duty to improve this situation going forward,” he said.
“What this means is that the parties can get their contractual relationship back on track. If the PHA provides to the City the monthly financial statements and the certification that the City has long requested, it is expected that the City should be able to resume its role as a conduit for funding,” said Mayor Litke. “The City must continue to protect these taxpayer funds and exercise its role of oversight; however, the hope is that the legal battling can be brought to an end and both parties can work together to achieve the common goal of bringing more tourists to the City of Penticton.”

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High in the hills looking high in the sky

dave rainbow22

This rainbow taken from the summit of Mt Kobau as a storm passed over last evening. This week is the annual Mt Kobau Star Party, many astronomers present to view the night sky from this dark location.

Photo and script Dave Whalley

Perseid Meteor Shower Event at the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory
Tuesday August 12th

The public is invited to come and enjoy the Perseid meteor shower on August 12th at the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory, located at 717 White Lake Rd. north of Oliver.

Admission is free. Bring a blanket, or lounge chair to watch for meteors in comfort. Dress warmly.

Gates to the grounds will open at 7:30pm.

Talks by Ken Tapping, Ryan Ransom and Tom Landecker will be offered at 8:15pm. By 9:30pm, it should be sufficiently dark enough to view the sky to see the brightest meteors. Also, the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Okanagan Centre, will set up telescopes for the public to enjoy other celestial wonders. The event ends and the gates close at 11:15pm.

Clouds will scupper the meteor and telescope viewing, but the grounds will be open and the talks will be presented regardless.

For directions to the Observatory at White Lake, consult

or further information at 250-497-2300.

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Yes ambulance staff (EMS) do rest


I had to stop and inquire

It’s the ambulance shed locally and the crew is getting new beds and the old ones outside waiting for a pickup – going to a needy cause.

I didn’t find it funny but a bit strange with all kinds of one lines coming into my head.

Support you local ambulance staff.

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I’m sorry officer but it was hot and I needed a spot


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What a ripoff!


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Old Golf Course Rd in Oliver – breakfast 7 days a week

Fairview breakfast

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Diva Night at the Park – Hilary, Carol and Sam

july and aug

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RDOS Public Notice (1)

deer park notice onedeer park notice two

Link to RDOS website for more information

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Leaving Oliver – not yet


Roxie Van Aller came to Oliver about 11 years ago. What a ride!. This mother of 4 moved with her hubby into the Rockcliffe area and looked for an occupation. She applied for a job at the Boys and Girls Club but another person got the job….but that left an opening.

Roxie was hired as a counsellor at a small organization (Desert Sun Counselling) which was operating a couple of small programs. “Sometimes I would look around and no one else was there” said Roxie.

Shortly after she was asked to lead the organization as Executive Director and she said yes. Since then the number of programmes has expanded a great deal and the Desert Sun group has two offices one in Osoyoos and the new HQ at the Neighbourhood Learning Centre at SOSS.

Then her husband Mitch Van Aller announced that he, after 11 years at work, was off to Kelowna to take over a big job of Director of Operations at School District #23 Central Okanagan.

So what’s next? Roxie says the house is listed and she is looking for a position in Kelowna. But all that takes time.

Roxie says “I was never been a big city girl and love Oliver for its small town feel and getting to know so many friends and collaborators in over a decade on the ground – actively involved in two towns.

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Open Friday at Vaseux Lake

wk trading22

Cindy Bev and Chris – at the ready – 9001 Hwy 97

W.K. Trading Co. Ltd. will be a convenience store for the neighbourhood but much more in the future.

Beverley Glazebrook is the new owner of a store located at the old Braun Taxidermy building north of Oliver.

Bev will be assisted by Cindy and Chris at the front counter of the retail outlet 9 to 9 – seven days a week.

Drop in tomorrow and look around – ask about what is next in the plan to bring general merchandise and local art sales to the location

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thirsty doris22Photographer Doris Lancaster

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