On the sunny side


In his book “Loving God,” Charles Colson tells the story of Telemachus, a fourth-century Christian monk. Telemachus lived in a remote village and spent most of his time tending his garden and praying . One day, he sensed that he needed to go to Rome. The monk responded obediently and set out on foot. Weeks later, he arrived at the city’s gates to witness a great festival taking place. He followed the crowd through the streets toward the Colosseum.

Inside, he saw the gladiators stand before the emperor and say, “We who are about to die salute you.” Telemachus realized they were going to fight to the death for the entertainment of the crowd, so he cried out, “In the name of Christ, stop!” As the games began, Telemachus pushed through the crowds, climbed over the wall, and dropped to the arena floor screaming over and over, “In the name of Christ, stop!” The crowd thought this was part of the show, so they began laughing. When they realized it wasn’t, their laughter turned to angry shouts.

Suddenly, one of the gladiators plunged his sword into the body of Telemachus. (Some historians claim that a group from the spectators stoned him, others say it was both the stoning and the sword.) He fell to the sand and his last words were, “In the name of Christ, stop!” Then, a hush fell over the Colosseum and one man in the upper rows stood up and walked out. Soon, others began to follow and in silence everyone left the Colosseum. On that day, probably in 401 A.D., the last battle to the death between gladiators in the Roman Colosseum was fought. It was all because one tiny voice that could hardly be heard above the uproar spoke the truth in God’s name.

henry weibeOne voice can move us toward the sunny side, but it may be at great cost!
Henry Wiebe

Smokey skies ?

smoke skies

Even though we see a lot of smoke – most drifting in from the east and west. – From Westbridge/Kettle Valley and from the Cawston/Cathedrals.

Only fire of note is the Huckleberry Fire in Kelowna which seems to be under control.

Osoyoos roundup

a item two

Happened in my rear view mirror – no injuries – Oops in front of Husky 11:15 am Saturday

a item one22

Kobau Bowling/Vengence Fitness fire – Investigators don’t have a cause but most of the damage in the upper floor. No date yet for when the facility will re-open. Those needing a weight room will also find the Sonora Centre closed for summer maintenance.


River Stone Winery (Kane Family) of Oliver with John Yap ( Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General for Liquor Policy Reform )

a item three

Osoyoos Mayor Sue McKortoff welcomes Richmond MLA John Yap visiting the area’s open farmers market that now features wine tasting. In the middle Janis St. Louis*, president of the market society.

Car fire at bank corner

iscu fire22

12:30 pm Saturday – smoke coming from engine compartment – fire department called.

Lots of smoke but no flames seen. Contained by fire personnel.

Sensitive crawler

Northern Rock Crawler22Linda found this very large insect (Grigs) in the pool. We read up ‘Bugs of BC’ and found the ‘Northern Rock Crawler’ but it supposedly enjoys “cool mountainous areas”.

We would like to know more about the identity of this 3+ cm visitor. Apparently it is very sensitive to temperature (human hand causes death). It also does not swim that well.

Pat Hampson

Kelowna residents evacuated

joe rich22A wildfire that broke out east of Kelowna on Friday afternoon has forced the evacuation of 141 homes and put another 158 properties on evacuation alert.

The Huckleberry fire in Joe Rich has grown to 80 hectares, says Kayla Pepper with the Kamloops Wildfire Information Centre.

“It’s burning north of Highway 33 and it’s a very fast moving fire and that’s due to the hot and dry conditions in the area as well as some winds that are up to 25 km/hr,” she says. “This is a dynamic situation and it is changing very quickly.”

The Central Okanagan Regional District has issued an evacuation order for all properties on Goudie Road, Jack Pine Road, Prather Road, Trapper Road and Boone Road as well as all homes between the intersection of Goudie and 7650 Highway 33 east.

Residents living on the south side of Highway 33 east from Goudie Road to 8991 Highway 33 east are on an evacuation alert and should be prepared to leave their homes on a moments notice.

Photo Craig Saunders

Photo Craig Saunders

Shoppers Summer Sun Gala

summer one

Saturday July 11, 2015

Oliver Place Mall  – Shoppers

10 am to 3pm

*brow threader
*henna artist
*sun consultations

Feel great about getting gorgeous

………………..extraordinary step

Effective at noon (Pacific time) on Friday, July 3, 2015,
all open burning, including campfires and fireworks, will be prohibited
throughout the majority of the province, Forests, Lands and Natural
Resource Operations Minister Steve Thomson announced today.

This prohibition will remain in place until the public is otherwise

This extraordinary step is being taken to help prevent human-caused
wildfires and protect public safety. Unseasonably hot and dry weather
is being experienced around the province and any preventable, human-
caused fires divert critical personnel and resources from other
incidents. The BC Wildfire Service is responding to over 150 active
fires in the province.

Campfires will still be allowed in the area known as the “Fog Zone”
along the western coast of Vancouver Island. A map of the area covered
by this open burning prohibition and campfire ban is available online
at: http://bit.ly/1IyUZG4

This ban applies to:

* open fires of any size, including campfires;

* the use of fireworks, sky lanterns and tiki torches;

* burning barrels or burning cages of any size or description;

* the use of binary exploding targets (e.g., for rifle target
practice); and

* the use of air curtain burners (forced-air burning systems).