Down the aisle

down the aisle july 24

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A repeat performance

library one22

Grayden Lebedoff at the Oliver Branch – Okanagan Regional Library

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10 days to go

two girls22Proceeds to Highway to Healing
please buy a ticket, be entertained and help a good cause.

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Good weather – fine crowd – nice feeling

mi one22mi three22

Steve Jones and the Patio Bandits at Music in the Park Oliver

mi two22

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Kites or tents

tent one22On the mountainside above Lions Park (not the same tent)tent two22

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Get your tickets tonight at Music in the Park

michael burgess

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Cool weather dampens attendance on the bus

transit bus 322

Transportation Planner Adriana McMullen from Victoria – one of three people from BC Transit in Oliver for a few hours this morning at Lions Park.

BC Transit is working on a 25 year plan to improve local transit, intra municipal transit and valley wide connections. New services have been started or improved in Summerland, Naramata and OK Falls. BC Transit hopes the demand is for more in the South Okanagan. Public open houses have been held on the bus in Princeton, Keremeos, Osoyoos, Summerland and OK Falls this week – with more to come.

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Who is this man?

flashbackPicture supplied

This is another two year flashback

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Looking back to April 30th 2012

aa-shawna-640x198 (2)Time of call: 11:15pm Monday April 30th

Location: 6061 Kootenay Street Oliver BC – multi-unit apartment building west of Field’s Store

aa-sunnybank-fire22 (2)22 men and 5 units of Oliver Fire Department dispatched

First crews on duty until 8:30am May 1st

OFD spokesman – Spencer Tribbick says it took a number of hours to get the flames out with fire contained to 2 suites at south end of the building. No residents injured. All affected taken to Alliance Church as a staging area for emergency social services.

aa-tuesday-fire-scene (2)

The building is complete and open – two years later


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Lt. Governor in South Okanagan today

wine girl one.jpg

Above Lt. Governor Judith Guichon

Recent tours of this area include a visit with Royal Canadian Legion members and all the high school students in the new SOSS.

Hester Creek the only Oliver winery on her list this year.

Guichon spent about two hours at Hester Creek today touring the facility.


Thursday, July 24, 2014
12:30 p.m. Hester Creek Estate Winery, 877 Road 8, Oliver
Winning Wine: Block 2 Reserve Merlot 2011
2:25 p.m. Bonamici Cellars, 4220 McLean Creek Road, Okanagan Falls
Winning Wine: Merlot Cabernet Franc 2012
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Learn about unique history

walking tours

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Evacuation alerts rescinded – RDOS

rdos logo one

With the tireless efforts of the firefighting crews on the ground and more favorable weather conditions over the past few days, the RDOS is pleased to announce that the Evacuation Alerts for both the Apex Mountain and Jura Fires are rescinded. These evacuation alert rescinds are effective at 0900hrs on July 24, 2014.

The previously identified properties are:

Apex Mountain Fire

146, 108, 22, 26, 18, 20 Apex Mountain Road, and 1992, 1940, 1918, 1995, 1925, 1907 and Burlington Ranch (Lot 5,Plan KAP70897 DL 1799 SDYD) on Green Mountain Road and ,

Jura Fire

115 to 131 Augur Road, 112 Bankeir Place, 105 to 136 Country Lane, 120 to 145 Jellico Road, 4067 to 4131 Lakesyde Road, 150 to 223 Lakeview Road, 113 to 117 Lee CK PL, 102 to 272 Link Lake Road, 4088 to 4116 Meadow Cres, 114 to 126 Muskoka Road, 131 and 143 Osprey Place, 110 to 231 Pinewood Drive, 143 Jellicoe Road, 1556 to 4600 Princeton-Summerland Road, 1364 to 1862 Shinish Creek Road , 118 to 149 Tee Pee Lakes Place and 186 Trout Main FSR Road

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Many years together

George22George & Diane Karpinsky celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on July 25.

They are high school sweethearts and were married in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1964 and moved to Oliver in 1980.

They have three married daughters and five granddaughters.

The Karpinsky’s will be celebrating their special day with family

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RDOS Public Notice (3)

luckhurst oneluckhurst two

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Bring canned / dry goods “Feed the Valley”

ocac june 2422

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Tonight – inside at the Library

vicky funny biz

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Former Tory MP backs Marshall Neufeld

Former MP Jim Gouk Says Riding of South Okanagan West Kootenay Could Become Conservative Once Again With Marshall Neufeld As Candidate

Castlegar – Former Member of Parliament (1993-2006) and well-known resident of the Kootenays, Jim Gouk, has endorsed Penticton resident and Real Estate Agent, Marshall Neufeld, for the Conservative nomination in the new federal riding of South Okanagan West Kootenay.

Said Gouk, “It takes special and unique talent as well as a truly dedicated effort to win what had been in the past a swing riding. I believe Marshall has the talent and dedication needed to end the period of NDP neglect and get the representation we deserve.”
Gouk entered federal politics in 1993 when he was elected in Kootenay West—Revelstoke with the Reform Party of Canada. In 1997 he was elected out of the West Kootenay—Okanagan riding. In 2000, Gouk was elected after joining the Canadian Alliance from the Kootenay—Boundary—Okanagan riding. He was elected a fourth time in 2004 in the riding of Southern Interior, this time for the Conservative Party of Canada.

“While I thank all past candidates for their strong efforts…had we a candidate like Marshall, I believe we would have remained Conservative,” stated Gouk.

This Thursday through Saturday, Conservative Party members in the new riding of South Okanagan West Kootenay will nominate the candidate they wish to represent the party in the next federal election.
“I hope you will join me in supporting Marshall as the next conservative MP from our riding,” concluded Gouk.

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BC’s new air tankers on station in Penticton


Air Tractor AT802 Amphib (Fire Bosses)

The most developed, high performance, reliable light amphibious airtanker available in the world today, providing state-of-the-art capability. A large, single engine, turbo-prop, purpose built fire fighting aircraft that combines the airframe and systems from the wheeled Air Tractor AT-802AF with a Wipaire Inc. float kit installed. Can operate from either fixed airport facilities (paved or gravel) or suitable sized water bodies. Equipped and certified for day/night VFR operations. Two separate hoppers connect at both top and bottom, and are then connected to a stainless steel fire gate, giving total maximum capacity of 3,028 litres (800 US Gallons).

The BC government is on the defensive with a 20 thousand name petition requesting the Martin Mars ‘Hawaii Bomber’ be put back into operation.

The new Fire Bosses deliver fire suppressant twice as fast during the recent West Kelowna fire – 586,000 litres in 11.3 hours.

“Over the past six weeks, the new Fire Boss aircraft have actioned more fires than the Martin Mars did in six years.”

Today there’s only one Martin Mars left in the province, owned by the Coulson Group on Vancouver Island.

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Summer Conversation Group

South Okanagan Immigrant and Community Services


Now in its second year, the Summer Conversation Group is a lively mixing of volunteers and clients with a range of languages. Seven countries, including Canada, are represented by the people this photo. SOICS also hosts an 11:00 a.m. Scrabble game for newcomers. Located at 6239 Main Street, SOICS provides settlement, employment and English language services for newcomers and naturalized citizens.

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35 years for the Lions

cake specialOliver Lions/Lioness
35 Years

The Oliver Lions/Lioness just had their Installation of New Officers July 13, 2014 The Lions also celebrated the 35th year of serving the town of Oliver.
In the past 5 years the Lions/Lioness have donated $72,525.00 and put in 14,113 volunteer hours to accomplish this. Imagine what these Clubs could do if they actually had a home to work out of.
Yes we have been in Oliver 35 years and do not have a home. Service Clubs are non profit and any expenses has to come out of the members pockets, as all donations and fundraisers go to the Children, Youth and Community.

It has not been easy, as both Clubs are very small in numbers, together only 24 members, and because of age or physical problems not all can be working.
There are two things that we are asking of the Community, one is to try and get new & younger members to help us, being a volunteer is so rewarding and makes you feel good. Second is to try and get us a home to work out of. We have banners, awards, logos and paraphernalia that is put away in a closet that needs to be displayed. We just had our 35th anniversary and couldn’t even advertise it as we had no where to invite the community to celebrate with us.
What we need is something big enough for about 30 people, a kitchen and washroom. I have faith in our Town and community that we can make this happen.

Thank you from the Oliver Lions/Lioness

President: Joanne Bray 250-498-3433
Secretary/Treasurer: Linda Schaffrick 250-498-3710

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As good as it gets

rain22rain two22

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The one you turn to

10:40 AM PDT Wednesday 23 July 2014
Special weather statement in effect for:

  • Central Okanagan – including Kelowna
  • North Okanagan – including Vernon
  • South Okanagan – including Penticton

Locally heavy rain and thunderstorms today and Thursday.

A low pressure system crossing the British Columbia Interior will create heavy rain and thunderstorms today and Thursday. The thunderstorms may generate bursts of extremely heavy rain with local amounts of 25 to 50 millimetres in a few hours or less. Short duration heavy rainfalls can lead to rapid rises in smaller creek systems and localized minor flooding. Thunderstorms will also produce frequent lightning, gusty winds, and hail.

The thunderstorms will approach from the south but these storms are small-scale weather systems that defy early prediction. The development and specific path of a rapidly developing thunderstorm is apparent on satellite and radar imagery just a few hours in advance.

The public is advised to monitor future forecasts and warnings as warnings may be required or extended.

Please monitor the latest forecasts and warnings from Environment Canada at

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Take a rip

ripoff poster _________________________________________________

Ripoff Artists Get Into The Swim August 4 to 9th!

The RipOff Artists invite you to get surreal with them this summer as they filet “Queen of the Fish”, a beaded embroidery by Canadian artist Mimi Parent (1924-2005). To make things more surreal, each RipOff Artist will work circles and triangles into their rendition. The action will be reeling from August 5 to 9 at the Quail’s Nest Arts Centre in Oliver.

Each Ripoff Artist is also creating a “pre-piece” based on work by Parent or another Surrealist, or an original Surrealist-style work of their own. Members of the Ripoff Artists are Enid Baker, Terry Irvine, Tara Hovanes, Kurt Hutterli, Barb Levant, Leo Pedersen, Marion Trimble, JoAnn Turner, and Russell Work.

Mimi Parent was born and trained as an artist in Montreal, then moved to Paris and became well-known as a Surrealist. Parent was best known for 3-D shadow-boxes assembled from various objects and images. This year’s challenge has all the Ripoff Artists excited about how to render the work in their own mediums, as well as still puzzling over what Surrealist art was about. The Surrealist movement began in Europe after the First World War, based on new ideas about how the human mind works. Research into the brain, psychiatry and early neuroscience made people aware that more goes on in the mind than we’re aware of. Two world wars made artists question what motivates us to think and act the way we do, and Surrealist art can often be shocking, with images from dreams and themes of death, sex and repressed emotion. Surrealist art relies on surprise and the juxtaposition of unrelated objects or images to force the viewer to think beyond their usual reactions. Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte are perhaps the best-known Surrealist painters, but the movement was widespread and very influential for over 50 years. Surrealism also was seen in poetry, music and theatre.

Drift on down to the Quail’s Nest Arts Centre, 5840 Airport Street in Oliver, to catch the Ripoff Artists in action August 5 through 9, Tuesday through Saturday, from 9 am to 3 pm.

There is also a public reception Monday, August 4, from 6 to 8 pm to open the exhibit.

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Letter to the editor

Let me first assure our poor editor that I am not going to make it a habit of writing to this column. I’m that bitchy woman who vented her frustration with the invasion of French Canadian hooligans this past month.

To begin with, they seem to have moved on, whether because of increased patrols on their preferred “camping” sites, or because of something which I just noticed this morning. Either the Town of Oliver or the parks board have erected brand new signage on the walking trails along the canal. They have posted that there is a $2000 fine for littering or dumping along the parkway. Yeh!!!

Bravo to the council or whomever.

Now hopefully there are enough teeth in that bylaw that the parks’ workmen, and town maintenance, or RCMP and Citizens on Patrol, plus whomever else has authority to lay fines on individuals breaking such laws, will be strongly urged to charge these folks. That the town council or park-board will enforce the by-law, and that our judiciary will be encouraged to hold someone responsible. I imagine that many of you are thinking much as I did at first. None of these individuals will pay a fine, but wouldn’t’ t it be wonderful if that fine were directed to be laid on either the land-taxes or the driver’s licence of the parent or guardian of anyone who decided to ignore a ticket. I would imagine that a handful of $2000 fines might be a good start towards paying for this signage, and perhaps increased patrols to enforce them.

Thank you to the parks workmen and women who had to clean up all of that refuse that those young people left along the fringe of the canal walkway. I am sure that along with everything else, there was human waste and soiled tissue papers. You are all appreciated whether we tell you so or not.


Brenda Hamilton

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