Home on the range

a fun dance22Photo by Leza Macdonald

Kenny MacRae Sr. with Aggie Sutherland at Burrowing Owl for Sagebrushers Art Show. Agnes is 96.

still in focus22

Photo by Jack Bennest

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A simple description of Easter

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Major festival of the Christian church year, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus on the third day after his crucifixion.

It falls on a Sunday between March 22 and April 25, depending on the date of the first full moon after the spring equinox. This date fixed after the Council of Nicaea (AD 325).

A joyful festival and a time of redemption, Easter brings an end to the long period of penance that constitutes Lent. The word is sometimes said to have been derived from Eostre, a Germanic goddess of spring, but other origins of the term more closely associated with Christian traditions have been proposed.

Easter has acquired a number of religious and popular customs. The Easter worship service is one of the high points of the Christian calendar, and since the late 2nd century Easter has also been a time for baptism.

The painting of eggs and tales of a rabbit who decorates and hides eggs are among the folk customs associated with the holiday.

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Have a day with family

cook flower22

Jeremy Cook photo

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Happy Easter ‘NeNe’

nene two22

Supporting Lynnea “NeNe” Holmstrom

Alanea and Reid Holmstrom – “It is hard to believe 5 months have already passed and we have just 4 more months left in Vancouver before we can come home for 3 weeks at a time. We are glad to be able to bring “Nene” to the Easter Egg Hunt….

Saying a prayer for all the little ones in the hospital that did not get to go home for Easter.”

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From the files of Cliff Meeds

cliff meeds

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$3069.94 – quite the Fortis bill

fortis bill22Some info – Russell lives in a brand new house, new everything, even has a heat pump (they said it would cut hydro costs) It is just him, his companion and two children.

Four of them. He has been paying like crazy trying to keep up to his bill!

His last meter reading for 63 days is $1672.94 plus a rate interim increase total of $74.59 (whatever that is) to bring his 63 day total to $1747.53!!!!!

Submitted by a concerned aunt.

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Down the aisle

down the aisle apr 19

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Letter to the editor

Our great community is always willing and able to step up to the plate to support our fellow citizens whenever that support is needed.

I have just registered my intent to be an Organ Donor – this registration takes about 5 minutes of your time and becomes part of the info on your new Care Card.

I am doing this to show Tom Fortune and his family that I am thinking of them, keeping them in my prayers and I think more of our citizens would do the same if given the ooom-ph.

Just a thought for a suggestion for everyone in Oliver – our community.

Karen Tribbick

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Something to think about with Joseph Seiler


A cut can be a share. It is also about being dropped from the team. Similarly, I can be cut off in traffic, blocked from going along as I was. A cutting remark is one that hurts. Some meat is graded by the names of certain cuts, like top cut. To cut through in a conversation is to move promptly to the truth of the matter. To cut is to open. Cuts for surgery are called incisions. To make a dress of cloth we need to cut it.

Cut off my nose to spite my face, means that I decide to remove myself or some thing in order to deny you. In the process I hurt me. Feels like a lose lose. To cut, in this case, is to remove. Another cut to remove is to prune. This one can be helpful as it cuts away what is not helpful. Pruning one’s group of friends can be a delicate cut indeed. That would include cutting off connections with some.

The cutting edge is the edge of invention, discovery and new. In order to be at the cutting edge one must be ‘advanced’. There is a lot of cutting at that edge. Some things make it and survive, others end up on the cutting room floor, like unneeded scenes of a movie. Once there, a kind of pressure to attempt to stay at the cutting edge becomes evident. Pressure city and as with anything that cuts, can be hurtful.

When I don’t make the cut I don’t measure up. Being a cut above is kind of the other side of that same cut, the one who made the team. To cut out a steer or cow from the herd is to select just one and to isolate it for some reason, might be to get cut. To cut up is to slice into pieces and yet we could cut up the dance floor and be quite happy about it.

A cutting remark is meant to hurt, insult and shows disrespect. The author of such a remark may have felt cut out of the conversation and this was the retaliation. Maybe if their contribution had been a cut higher in value? Maybe it was simply a matter of excess needed to be cut, tension rose and it was time to cut out the procrastination. There are many possible cuts on the interpretation of the event.

Joseph Seiler CPCC MCC 250 498 4017 www.yournaturaledge.com

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Saturday – Easter Egg Hunt – popular with families

egg hunt one22

And they’re off ( this is the senior kids – one of three division all in separate locations in the park )

easter egg hunt two22

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Straight as an arrow

finishes Sunday22Championship Archers at Curling Club in Oliver – results Sunday

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soap ad

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Great Canadian sale on Now


Store closed Sunday April 20


Sale ends Thursday April 24

Saturday April 19 9:30am-3 pm

Monday, April 21 10am to 1 pm

Regular Hours Tuesday to Thursday

sears logo22

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Public Service Message

easter egg

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art at the owl

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