RIP Kenn Draymon

kenn fogIt is with profound sadness and disbelief that we tell you of the sudden death of Kenn Draymon. He died from a presumed heart attack during his sleep early March 1, on Isla Mujeres, Mexico, where he was vacationing with his siblings, Val, Barry and Katie Friesen.

Those of us who knew Kenn well loved his generosity and loyalty, his big spirit, his capacity for love, his ability to do most anything and his incredible brain.

Please take a moment to honour the loss of a man who touched many lives.

Forevever remembered by – Corinne Janow, Kaya Colangeli, Aria Janow, Chloe Draymon, Bonnie Hayes and Dayton Hayes.


  1. Jane Pringle says

    The news of Kenn’s passing has left me in disbelief. His smile, eagerness for life, and love for family and friends was simply and bountifully expressed. There is very little I can add to all the wonderful thoughts already voiced; so for now, just listen to Kenn playing and singing this…. can you hear it?
    ‘And you can tell everybody this is your song
    It may be quite simple but now that it’s done
    I hope you don’t mind
    I hope you don’t mind that I put down in words
    How wonderful life is while you’re in the world’

  2. Dave and Donna Wilchynski says

    Very sad and shocking news. Kenn you will be missed. Our hearts and prayers go out to your family. You always lit up our little office when you popped in to say hi or shoot the breeze. The whole community will miss you. God Bless You

  3. Martin Sadd says

    Ken was a fun loving guy and he will be missed. He provided our company with excellent service for many years.

  4. Bernard & Bev Klatt says

    .. shocked to learn Kenn is no longer with us. I’ve appreciated working with Kenn as a colleague in the technology business. He was an important asset to our community in many ways. His rare combination of technical expertise and willingness to share will be greatly missed. Bev and I extend our sincere sympathy to his family and loved ones.

  5. Maria (da Silva) Evans says

    I am so saddened by Kenn’s passing and am still in shock. My deepest sympathies to the whole family and hold you up in prayer.

  6. Holly Plante says

    My heart goes out to Kenn’s family. I only knew Kenn for a very short time through the Festival of the Grape committee but the passion and dediciation he had for our community was very evident. He leaves a legacy for us with all he helped to create for Festival in the Grape. He inspired us to take this event to new levels. It was honour to be on this committee with Kenn. May he rest in peace.

  7. Shirley Van Vianen says

    This is such a shock. Kenn had such a big heart and I always enjoyed bumping into him to have a little chat! Condolences to his family.

  8. Cheryl (Bird) Pirie says

    Deepest sympathies and condolences to Kenn’s family and all those close to him. Many memories of Kenn playing piano at school and his fascination for Elton John would bring a smile to the faces of all who went to school with him. Thoughts and prayers are with you Corrine.

  9. Linda Venables says

    There are no words that take the place of the one you lost. Cherish the memories. Condolences to all of his family and dearest friends. Gary and Linda Venables.

  10. Kathryn Gamble says

    I was so saddened to hear from Elsa Wiens that Kenn had died. It seemed like an oxymoron. Kenn was so full of life. How could that life be gone? I, too will remember the Elton John piano playing at lunch and during drama class. My heart goes out to you Corinne.

  11. Tami Anderson says

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Corrine and the girls and the rest of the family. Kenn had a smile that went from here to there and brighten your day. He will be missed. For those who were fortune enough to he him play; we will always remember the piano sessions at school, great memories.

  12. Larry Ritco says

    Growing up with Kenn in High School, I’ve always known him as a generous outgoing leader with a great sense of mischieveous humour.
    I especially remember a kind act he did for me at school.

    My prayers and thoughts are with Corinne and to the family.

  13. Darrell Derksen and Mikie Spillett says

    One very kind an happy soul, you were a great addition to the smiles in our little town always bustling about, condolences to your family and friends. RIP

  14. Penelope Johnson says

    My sincere condolences to Kenn’s family. What a loss.

    Kenn joined the South Okanagan Amateur Players, where I first met him, for a number of productions. I directed him in All in the Timing when he delivered a wonderful monologue as Mitch, in the vignette “A Singular Kinda Guy”. He nailed the awkwardness and amazement of a man finding love in an unexpected place (a man believing himself to be a typewriter finding romance with a woman believing herself to be a piece of paper).

    SOAP members still laugh about Kenn’s portrayal of a theatre tech in the backstage one-act comedy “Last Tango in Oliver”. The scene in which Kenn’s character “Bernard” tried to build a set during a rehearsal was so close to the truth of amateur theatre that any time our crew tries the same thing in real life, someone will inevitably say “Remember when Kenn played the set guy in that show…?” It still makes us laugh.

    Perhaps he is best remembered to audiences as Marvin in California Suite – the man who wakes up next to a comatose woman in his hotel room and has to hide the body before his wife shows up. That was a hilarious and deft piece of physical comedy.

    He was so good at playing nerdy types onstage, it was easy to forget how smart a man Kenn really was. Five minutes of conversation was enough to get a glimpse of his vast knowledge of music, literature, history….

    Quick with a joke too: The last time I saw Kenn was at the community Christmas concert in December. During a mid-show Christmas quiz he was asked “Name two pieces of advice for keeping your pets safe at Christmas time.” His response: “Don’t let your cat climb the Christmas tree.” When reminded that he needed two pieces of advice to win a small prize, he responded with no hesitation, “And don’t let your OTHER cat climb the Christmas tree either.” The audience roared. And Kenn won his prize.

    Truly a Singular Kinda Guy.

  15. Kristina Murray says

    Our thoughts and prayer go to Ken’s family. We are so sorry for your loss. He was a great man with a huge heart and he will be greatly missed.
    Chris & Kristina Murray

  16. Barbara and Paul Eby says

    What a shock for all. Our sympathy to all those who loved him. Kenn was such a vibrant part of the Oliver community. He will be truly missed.

  17. Heather Craib says

    I echo the feelings of my classmates from 1976. So sad, Kenn always had a smile, a hug and a master plan! Good bye yellow brick road…

  18. Debra Nehring says

    My sincere condolences to Kenn’s family and all those whose lives he touched. I have been away from Oliver for some years now, but realize how the passing of one of our own affects us all so much. Prayers for the family, for peace in this time of unbelievable sorrow.

  19. Toni Leverett says

    What shocking, sad, sad news! My deepest sympathies to his family and Corinne and her girls. As one of his school mates from waaaay back when, I have nothing but good memories of that great guy that entertained us with his piano brilliance (everything Elton John! ) in the auditorium of SOSS at lunch time. He was much loved. RIP Kenn !
    ((Hugs to you Corinne))

  20. Ursula Wick says

    It was a shock to hear of Kenn passing so suddenly. My heart goes out to Corrine and the rest of the family. Please know that there are many prayers being sent your way as you work through this very difficult time.

  21. debbie firman says

    I’ve known Ken since high school in Oliver. He always had something on the go whether it be his electronics, music (piano player) wine enthusiasm, or sense of humour – Ken was a gently, friendly guy. Rest in peace.

  22. debbie firman says

    I’ve know Ken since high school in Oliver. He always had something on the go whether it be his electronics, music (piano player) wine enthusiasm, or sense of humour – Ken was a gently, friendly guy. Rest in peace.

  23. Trish McVeigh says

    Kenn was a very special person; he meant the world to so many. He was someone who worked hard behind the scenes making sure everything was going right and never looked for thanks for his efforts. He always greeted me with a smile and a warm hug. Rest in peace, Kenn, you will be missed in so many different ways. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to his family.

  24. Pat Hampson says

    Sad, sad news! Our thoughts are with all those close to Kenn; he was a forthright and good man.
    Pat and Linda Hampson

  25. Linda Sheehy-Brownstein says

    Just heard this via phone call as I was driving back from Pent @ 2pm. Totally shocked. I know Kenn through the Festival of the Grape Committee the past 2 years and just beginning this year. He will be greatly missed. My condolences to his family. RIP Kenn.

  26. Karen Skaros says

    Kenn has been my partner within the exec. of Festivale of the grape since it began,we always promised one would not leave Fog without the other…Kenn would cross the street to great me with a real loving hug rather than a wave, he was that person that took the extra time. I am grateful for every second he has been my friend, I miss him already and I feel at a loss what to say to his family. I pray his journey will continue in the brightest of light. Thank you Jack for the gentle way you shared this, it helped.

  27. Norma Shaw says

    It is with the greatest sadness that I offer the condolences to all of the Friesen/Draymaon clan from the Shaw family. I cannot image life without Ken, his love, laughter, dedication, intelligence and so much more. We will miss him. Words are just not enough for this brilliant young man.

  28. Ted and Lorraine Kane says

    We are so sorry, shocked and saddened to hear of Kenn’s sudden passing. It shouldn’t be this way. His family, especially his daughters, and our community still need him. Thank you for posting such a great picture of Kenn. Festival of the Grape is only one event that won’t be quite the same without him.

  29. JoAnn Turner says

    We’ve all lost a great man. Kenn was a standup guy, with energy, talent, great ideas, and the willingness to work hard to carry those ideas forward. There’s a big hole in our community now. My thoughts are with the family. What a terrible shock.

  30. Hank and Joan Petersen says

    Kenn’s family have lost a special member, we send our thoughts and prayers to them. The Petersen’s appreciated Kenn for his generosity , laughter, friendship and his incredible intelligence. He will be missed . We will treasure our memories of Kenn.

  31. lilita and niels svenningsen says

    Very sorry to hear of the family’s loss. May they comfort in their time of sorrow. RIP Ken Draymon. :(

  32. Rod Kitt says

    Our thoughts go out to Katie, Val, and the rest of the family as you deal with this sudden tragedy.

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