Bob, Bob, Jim and Iris

crowd two22You missed a great sound in the rain – Music in the Park

crowd three22

Jazz out West

crowd one22

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In Osoyoos….today

car22Well I tried the brakes

Did it stop?

Yes the wall of the store stopped the car

Any injuries?

Just my pride.

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Police investigation picket line incident

nara two22CUPE is “extremely troubled” by reports of a manager’s aggressive and threatening behaviour on the picket line outside the United Church’s Naramata Centre. A union tent used by striking staff was damaged during an incident Monday night.

CUPE BC Secretary-Treasurer Paul Faoro said RCMP have been notified and are reportedly investigating the incident involving a Naramata Centre manager.  “According to witnesses, verbal and physical threats were made against striking CUPE members and this is totally unacceptable,” said Faoro.

“The safety of our members and their families and supporters on the picket line is paramount and we will do whatever it takes to legally protect them,” said Faoro.

CUPE says management tensions have risen during the three-month labour dispute as the Naramata Centre continues to push contracting out the jobs of local long-term employees in an effort to mitigate its self-inflicted financial problems.

nara one22

“No one should be afraid to exercise their legal right to strike,” said CUPE National President Paul Moist (2nd from right), adding that an atmosphere of fear is especially troubling at a facility owned by the United Church of Canada.  He said CUPE will be seeking reassurances from the United Church that its 627,000 members across the country will be safe from threats and harassment on a picket line.

This is a cupe internet release. There are no comments from the United Church or the Naramata Centre management.


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Raining? – Campfire ban rescinded

Campfires will once again be permitted throughout the Kamloops Fire Centre.

The current campfire prohibition is being rescinded due to recent
precipitation, which has resulted in a decreased wildfire risk in the region.

Anyone lighting a campfire must use caution and follow provincial

* The campfire must not be bigger than a half-metre wide or a half-metre
* Flammable material (such a twigs and pine needles) must be removed from
around the campfire area and this fuel-free area must be maintained while the
campfire is burning.
* A shovel or at least eight litres of water must be available onsite to
properly extinguish the fire.
* A campfire must never be left unattended.
* The ashes must be cool to the touch before you leave the area for any
length of time.

Category 2 and 3 open fires, however, remain prohibited throughout the entire
Kamloops Fire Centre. This prohibition includes any open fire larger than a
half-metre high by a half-metre wide, fires requiring a burn registration
number, industrial burning, fireworks, sky lanterns and burning barrels of
any size and description.

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Devoted to helping


Join us to welcome the riders


at the  Oliver Fire Hall
between 10:30 am  and  1:00  pm

Check out the Fire Trucks
Bring  your  Nickels/dimes for the Donation jar
enjoy a BBQ lunch  -  BY DONATION


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RDOS gears up for election this fall

Preparations are underway at the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen for the November 15, 2014 Local Government Elections.

For those interested in running for office as an Electoral Area Director, nomination packages will be available at the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS) office starting Friday, August 22.

“Anyone interested in running for office in any of the 8 Electoral Areas is invited to come and pick up a nomination package,” says Christy Malden, RDOS Chief Election Officer. “The packages include necessary forms for nominations and information which will assist potential candidates, such as important dates, Regional Board processes, and the RDOS Strategic Plan.”

A nomination deposit is not required in order to run for an Electoral Area Director position however candidates are required to have 2 qualified nominators sign their nomination.

The nomination package along with additional information will also be available on the RDOS website at

The nomination period begins 9:00 am Tuesday, September 30 and ends Friday, October 10 at 4 pm, and nomination forms can be returned during that time.

Eligible voters will go to the polls in the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen on November 15 from 8 am to 8 pm.

Local government elections are an excellent opportunity for people to contribute to, and be involved in their local community by having a say in local decision making.

For further information, please contact Christy Malden, RDOS Chief Election Officer or Gillian Cramm, RDOS Deputy Chief Election Officer, at (250) 492-0237 or

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Warden appointed for Okanagan Correctional Centre at Oliver

steve with prison22Steve DiCastri will be the incoming warden of the Okanagan Correctional Centre.

◾Mr. DiCastri is currently the Warden of Fraser Regional Correctional Centre and Ford Mountain Correctional Centre.

He has over 30 years of service with BC Corrections, including a job history at Oakalla and the Surrey Pretrial Services Centre.

The OCC construction project remains on track, and is being managed by the private partner, Plenary Justice.

◾Trailers are expected to arrive on the site on Monday as the site mobilizes.

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8 tons of vegetables from native community gardens

PIB community garden

PIB Community Garden… This is what PIB does 16,000 pounds last year,,, this looks like another good year…

Very Proud of PIB… Chief Jonathan Kruger

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RDOS report

Okanagan Basin Water Board gets 4 year mandate from RDOS directors:

Delegation form CAO of OBWB Dr. Anna Warwick-Sears giving a report to Regional District Directors Thursday in Penticton. Warwick-Sears says the OBWB is unique in BC funded by three regional districts and one river system – the Okanagan. Because of funding from the taxpayers of the North, Central and South Okanagan area much can be and is done to advocate for drinkable, fishable, swimmable water supplies.

Main priorities include: consultation on the ground water regulations with the province, curbing influx of invasive species and monitoring and documenting habitation on flood plains. 39% of funding spent on 4 staff, 47% on projects and 23% on grants to communities in the region.

The regional district passed the following motion today: That the RDOS upon mutual agreement of the two other districts reaffirms the Water Management Program of the OBWB and will review the program again prior to the municipal elections of 2018.

Many compliments around the table for the work of Water Board directors and staff.

Main priorities include: consultation on the ground water regulations with the province, curbing influx of invasive species and monitoring and documenting habitation on flood plains.


Zoning change on two South Okanagan properties given the go ahead:

Deer Park -north of Oliver – zoning changes will ensure that all parcels conform to existing lots sizes of 350 sq. meters. This is despite the fact that a new zoning policy for manufactured homes at Gallagher Lake calls for a minimum parcel size of 500 sq. meters.

At a recent APC meeting on this question all the residents encouraged the RDOS to allow for the BIGGER size but directors seemed interested in the conformity issue.

The rezoning of a piece of land near Haynes Point in Osoyoos at 2815 85 Street was given approval despite the wishes of the owner who has launched a law suit on the issue. The RDOS states the issue is housekeeping and consistent with the history involved in leaving the land as a large holding rather than allowing multi-family dwelling construction.



Land purchased by RDOS sold to province of BC for parks purposes:

In the spring of 2012 the RDOS was asked to purchase a parcel of land in foreclosure at 1295 Green Lake Rd.

$1 77,500 was taken from reserves and the property acquired. Today formal notice will be given to the public that the land is to be sold to the province as an addition to the provincial park to the north of said parcel. It is adjacent to planned hike and bike trails, the Okanagan River and a major salmon congregation area.

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Set 5 at the Oliver Pool

Press image for larger

set 5 oliver pool

Strike Day Camp will run Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday for the month of September, from 8:00-5:00pm for $30.00/day.

Supervised activities such as sports, crafts, music, creative activities and swimming in the outdoor pool!

Limited space available, parents/caregivers must pre-register at Oliver Parks and Recreation Office.

Or you can register over the phone by calling 250 (498-4985).

For more information on our extended pool season, please visit our website

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Last MITP concert of the season – jazzy


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Hanging basket capital

lorne leach22Photo submitted by Lorne Leach

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Deadline for FASS entries – August 31st – think about it

fass poster

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Nomination packages available Friday period to file nomination papers for local elections is between September 30 and October 10.

The General Local Election on Saturday, November 15 is to elect a Mayor and 4 councillors and 2 Water Councillors to the Town of Council and 2 Oliver Trustees to the Board of Education for School District #53 – Okanagan Similkameen.

An information meeting for candidates will be held next month.

New for candidates in 2014 is legislation under the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act (LECFA), which introduces significant changes to local elections. Along with changes that introduced a new four-year term, candidates will also need to be familiar with and follow new campaign financing and election advertising rules.

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Construction trailers to arrive Monday

pcl22An elecronic plan room in a PCL jobsite trailer.pcl threeprison one22a prison two22prison site22

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Letter to the editor

Starting on September 8, 2014, the BC Supreme Court will be dealing with a dangerous legal attack on Canada’s public health care system.

For-profit clinic owner Brian Day is trying to use the court to strike down the rules that prevent a US-style system in Canada.

This case poses a huge threat because if Dr. Day wins, the public system that a majority of Canadians rely on and consider a pillar of our society could be dismantled across Canada.

Dr. Day claims that the defining principle at the heart of Canadian Medicare – that health services be provided according to patients’ needs, not their ability to pay – is unconstitutional.

Evidence shows that the kind of system Dr. Day is seeking would lead to longer wait times for care and poorer health for Canadians.  Source: [1] Keindler, SA. Policy Strategies to reduce waits for elective care: A synthesis of international evidence. Br Med Bull 2010; doi: 10.1093/bmb/ld1014.On top of that, there is no evidence that private, for-profit care results in better care – not anywhere in the world.  Source: (2) Devereaux, P.J., Choi, P.T., Lacchetti, C., Weaver, B., Schunemann, H.J., Haines, T., et al. (2002). A systematic review and meta-analysis of studies comparing mortality rates of private for-profit and private not-for profit hospitals. Canadian Medical Association Journal, 166(11), 1399-1406.

Could Dr. Day’s true motive be all about making even more money?    A provincial audit of Day’s Cambie Surgery Centre and the associated Specialist Referral Clinic found that patients were unlawfully extra-billed $491,654 in just 30 days.    In one case, a Cambie patient was billed $7,215.00 for services that would only have cost $1,288.04 in the BC health care system.  Auditors also found over $66,000 in overlapping claims – evidence that suggests double dipping for the same services.   Source:  Medical Services Commission Report, 2012.

We need to keep our ears open and watch what is happening around this case because our public health care system is under threat because of Dr. Day’s legal attack.   It is the opinion of many Canadian health professionals that privatized, for-profit health care – as proposed by Dr. Day and his supporters – will mean that Canadians will pay more and get less.

Stefan Cieslik

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46 days to go – Chateau de Kids at Festival of the Grape

clown oneOctober 5th Sunday – Oliver BC

Chateau de Kids fun zone keeps kids active and entertained at Festival of the Grape – Okanagan’s largest family fall wine festival

New kid related activities include a Circus Skills Workshop, Maggie the White Shetland Pony, Petting Farm, Clown Fun City Inflatable with Slide, Bouncer & Obstacles and many others.

KIDS UNDER 19 GET IN FREE to the event.

We have assembled a wide variety of engaging activities designed for kids and youth that will keep them entertained and active while having a ton of fun, says Linda Berkland, Co-chair of the Chateau de Kids. We encourage parents to participate with their children in the numerous activities.  There will be both staff and volunteers to assist parents and kids in having a fun-filled day at the park.

OLYMPIC CHALLENGE – this features various fun races that include Space Hoppers, Big Ski, Sack Race, Grape Toss.

GIANT GAMES – these will run alongside the racetrack and will include – GIANT – Pick Up Sticks, Twister, Snakes and Ladders, Jenga and Lasso the Bull


  – Try out juggling with scarves or balls.

  – Learn how to use a, flower/devil sticks.

   - Can you spin a plate on a stick? – No? Come and learn how it’s done!

 - Balloon sculpting/modelling – How is this done?  We’ll show you!

- How are your balancing skills?  Try out some Stilts, Pedal-Gos, Rola Bola, Unicycle.

 - Face Painting. Unleash your artistic talents.

clown two

INFLATABLE BOUNCY BOXING RING – Helmets and giant boxing gloves included – Youth

TODDLER TOWN with Mickey Mouse and Friends Bouncer, Hook-a-Duck – under five (5) years.

PETTING FARM – hands-on, interactive petting farm for children to have the chance to get up close with farm animals such as  Bunnies, Goats – Nigerian Dwarf Pygmies, Chickens, Roosters,  Muscovy and Indian Runner Ducks,  Geese,  Turkeys and Quail.

PONY RIDES with MAGGIE the White Shetland Pony

CLOWN FUN CITY inflatable with Slide, Bouncer and Obstacles.

 Tickets for the Oliver Festival of the Grape can be purchased on line through PayPal

(Ticket Prices: Advance tickets $23 or $25 at the gate).

Festival of the Grape held in conjunction with the Falls Art Show and Sale



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Drop in – say hi – check out the merchandise

logo for wk trading22W.K. Trading Co Ltd is the exclusive seller of Karrer Orchards peaches

Call 778-439-3113

Come into the store

Place your order for Red Haven or Glow Haven Freestone Peaches

Drop in and see what else we have to offer

9001 Highway 97 – north of Oliver at Vaseux Lake – Open 9am to 9pm

wk trading22

W.K. Trading Co. is more than a convenient store for a neighbourhood it will have a complete line of food and grocery items, general merchandise and specialty items.

Drop in and watch the store grow!

Opens at 9am – closes at 9pm each day

brauns one22

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$18.00 a year – theatre operations referendum question

credit Tom Szalay

credit Tom Szalay

The referendum question:

Are you in favour of the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen adopting Bylaw No.2660, 2014 to provide for the following:

1. establishing the Venables Theatre Service Area within Electoral Area “C” and the Town of Oliver to provide for the administration and operation of the Frank Venables Theatre

2. annually requisitioning up to a maximum of the greater of $160,000 or $0.14 per $1,000 net taxable value of land and improvements in the service area to pay for the service?”

The $100,000 needed in 2015 would be calculated on the assessed value of properties within Rural Area C and the Town of Oliver.  Mill rate is a function of the assessed value and the amount being requisitioned.

Based on 2014 assessments, to raise $100,000 would result in a residential mill rate of approximately $0.0727.  That means the average household (valued at $248,450) would see an increase of $18.06.

If more money is needed Regional District directors would have to change the mill rate.

The theatre society is definitely going to the public to let them know all the facts as a failure at the polls would be significant.

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A welcomed addition


*Kerry-Ann Pearle
Fire Fighter

Kerry-Ann and her husband Tuscon moved to Oliver about a year ago – he being a teacher taking up a position at Tucelnuit Elementary.

32 year old Kerry-Ann has been a stay-at-home mom with three young children – two in primary grades and a pre-schooler. ( Ethan, Anthony and Sophia )

But she had two years under her belt as a volunteer firefighter in Drayton Valley in Alberta and enjoyed that kind of out of home experience.

Once the couple arrived in Oliver, they found a rural home and she looked for a fire department. She says the management of staff at the Oliver Volunteer Fire Department have been very welcoming and she is learning a lot – attending as many practices and fire events as possible in this first year here.

Tuscon and Kerry-Ann also own ‘Monster Jump” – inflatable castles, face painting and glitter tattoos.

She is a native of Winfield.

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Notice – SOSS parents

To Parents of SOSS Students

Please be advised of the following:

As it is still uncertain as to when the labour negotiations between the BC teachers and the provincial government will be resolved, it now becomes uncertain as to whether school will start on Sept. 2nd. Counsellors are scheduled to meet with new registrations and take course change requests on the 28th and 29th of August, but these dates are also up in the air. If a settlement has not been reached by early next week, SOSS will publish a revised press release in the media and on our website as to what parents may expect for the start of the school year. Ideally there would be more information to provide at this time for parents and students but is presently all we know.

For updates and current information regarding school opening, please be sure to check media outlets,

SOSS school website ( or the

School District Website – )

Link to School

The school office will be open August 18th-22nd from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm. We ask that any students that may not have returned textbooks in June to please return them this week. Also, any students that may have removed locks from their lockers in June are also asked to return those locks to the office. Locks are the property of the school and are provided to students with their locker rental fee.

Students are asked to bring their fees for the first day of school. Please refer to the letter sent in July or call the school if you have any questions.

If you are a new registration to SOSS, please try to contact the office before 3:00 pm, Friday August 22nd, to arrange to meet with Mrs. Harrington.

Grads are reminded that Dogwoods, textbook refunds, grad photos and Passport to Education booklets may also be picked up at this time. Students wishing to claim their scholarships may also do this now.

Students wishing to make course changes must complete a ‘course change request form’ available in the main office.

For a ‘suggested’ supply list, please refer to our website.

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Police report – vehicle accident Tuesday

Took over an hour to extricate the driver and get her to hospital

Took over an hour to extricate the driver and get her to hospital

11:36 am August 19th

Ryegrass Rd and No. 9 Rd – closest road location

Police, Fire and EMS dispatched

One occupant, elderly female driver, minor injuries, alcohol and speed not an issue, likely lost control.

Oliver Volunteer Fire Department performed flawlessly in the extrication of the driver from her vehicle. Report not completed as yet but would expect that no charges will be pursued.

Sgt. Ken Harrington

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Couple of notes

On FREE classifieds and FREE events – they must be placed on the right button ( the two left above )

Anything posted elsewhere does not show. It won’t be moved.

Also you must be patient because each comment or ad must be moderated (meaning gets approval of Publisher).

That process may NOT be quick in all instances. Be patient. No need to repeat items or contact the Publisher.

In preparation for a busy weekend – send in photos today, Thursday and Friday for inclusion on Saturday and Sunday.

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Large headline – small story


Press image for larger

Submitted by Don Lawlor (New Westminster Columbian August 14/58)

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