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Break-In At OK Falls Business

okanagan falls news

Early Tuesday a business in OK Falls was broken into and several thousand dollars of copper along with brass fittings (as shown above) were stolen. Anyone with information on the person/s responsible for this crime are asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS) or for other Anonymous methods of passing along information. Should your information lead to an Arrest, you may qualify for a Cash Reward up to $2000.00. Crime Stoppers is not a Police program and does not subscribe to Call Display.

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School District speaks out

tarr22school district




An open letter to our Communities from the Okanagan Similkameen Board of Education

The Board of Education, School District No. 53 (Okanagan Similkameen), is extremely saddened by the current state of negotiations between the BC Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) and the BC Public School Employers’ Association (BCPSEA).

The impact of the current stalemate has been widely felt in all of our communities. Our staff and educational partners are dedicated to quality education for all students and the current situation is deeply concerning and frustrating for everyone.

We know that our parents are anxious for their children to return to school, whether it is for their first day in kindergarten or for their final year of high school. We as your elected trustees want an end to this stalemate and our schools to be back in session without further delay.

Members of our communities have asked us about our role in this dispute.

Your trustees have written numerous letters to the Ministry of Education as well as to our local MLA to ask for a negotiated settlement to be reached between the BCTF and the BCPSEA. We have urged the Ministry to increase per student funding to keep up with inflation and have complained about downloaded costs by government to school districts. We have shared our concerns regarding stable and sustainable funding at meetings with both our MLA and the Ministry. We want to ensure you that we will continue to advocate on behalf of our students for adequate funding for a quality education for students in our district.

Our Board has also formally endorsed the BC School Trustees Association’s “Back to School Action Plan” and has asked both parties to implement the recommendations within that plan. The plan can be found on the BCSTA website at

It asks both parties to return to the bargaining table and to work towards a freely negotiated settlement that both parties can support and which falls within the economic mandate set by the provincial government and makes improvements to class size and composition and that any savings resulting from the strike and lockout stay within the public school system to benefit students.

Our Board believes that our teachers deserve a fair wage increase and that learning conditions for our students in the classroom need to be addressed at the bargaining table. We want flexibility on class size and composition and improved classroom conditions in our district to meet the needs of all students. We know that the issues are complex and that it is not just about money; but we do need an agreement that meets the needs of students and provides long-term stability for public education. We want both the government and the BCTF to be flexible and to make moves so that this dispute can be settled.

We know that the strike has caused a lot of uncertainty and disruption to student learning but we are encouraged by an update from the Ministry that was sent to superintendents which states “The Ministry is monitoring the labour situation closely and will work with school districts on a strategy to reduce the impact on students once school resumes.

The Ministry is currently developing options on how students can complete the courses they need to advance to the next grade level or post-secondary programs, despite the instructional days lost due to the strike.”
We urge concerned parents and community members to communicate their concerns directly to the negotiating parties and to check our school district website at for the latest updates to the current situation as well as links to additional information.

Please feel free to contact your trustees with your concerns and questions. If you have specific questions regarding your child, please contact your local principal during normal school hours.

We would like to thank everyone in our communities for their ongoing patience and understanding and we hope that there will be a resolution to the current labour situation soon.

Marieze Tarr Board Chair

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Big BC unions pledge $8 million to support* teachers

credit bc fed

credit bc fed

A group of unions in British Columbia have offered the BC Teachers’ Federation $8 million in interest-free loans as the current education dispute drags on.

B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union (BCGEU)
Hospital Employee’s Union (HEU),
United Steelworkers (USW),
Cope 378,
Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC),
Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of B.C. (FPSE),
Health Sciences Association (HSA) and

The union for BC Hydro workers also asked its membership this week to set aside $100,000 from its reserves and the results of that vote are expected within the next few weeks.

The BC Nurses’ Union are giving the BCTF half a million dollars.

The money will be given to the teachers’ hardship fund, to support teachers and their families on the picket line.

BC Federation of Labour said the financial support will help make sure the province doesn’t undermine the teachers rights to strike.

“We’re not going to let money be a problem for 41,000 teachers who are standing up for public education,” said Jim Sinclair, president of the federation. “Because let us be clear. What’s on the table in this round of bargaining is a decent education system. We owe a debt of gratitude to these teachers who have given up their paycheck to try to put the money and resources back in the system so our children can get a decent education.”

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Photographer Jack Morrison

jack morrison22

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Sunshine on my shoulder

sun lawn22Good morning

The sun through the high school trees. Such an empty place after so much hard work and heart ache!

We have the children laughing, playing and learning the ups and downs of growing up … Such a pleasure to hear Renatta Hext’s theatrical, loving, but stern voice teaching the preschoolers of Oliver’s future.

Marnee Vala

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What can you do? – apply pressure on someone

“Shocked by indifference of many parents about teacher’s strike”

The above made up from a longer statement seen on a Vancouver media outlet this morning.

I think the statement can be attributed to concerned parents, teachers etc. that are waiting for the balloon to pop.

I have been urging  parents and teachers to write ODN with their thoughts but the official answer I am getting is “they are using social media to communicate”.

Wow – is it working?

When you play a game of chicken it is expected one car will swerve off the road to avoid collision. In this current situation – teachers voted to walk. The government has voted to stall. The parents seem to be frozen in between.

Options for parents are limited. They* can’t resume bargaining. They must cope.

The union (BCTF) is urging people to become more educated and read the history and the court cases and the war of words on the various disputes that hold up a settlement.

I didn’t call the strike so I am not sure it is my job to help end it. It will conclude – you just have to be patient. Christmas is coming. My furnace is on right now.

The dispute will end when the teachers pressure their leaders to settle or the people of BC pressure their government to end it in some way.

So what are you going to do about – text a friend? – post a picture on Facebook?

It’s a new world but old tactics work best.

Jack Bennest

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From the government side – let’s resolve differences

Education Minister Peter Fassbender released the following statement today in response to the BCTF vote on binding arbitration:

“The results of this vote were widely expected and understandable.

“We know BC teachers want schools re-opened.  That is a goal we all share.

“As we have consistently made clear, binding arbitration would lead to unacceptable tax increases in this case. That’s because the two sides remain too far apart on wages and benefits.

“The best way to resolve this labour dispute remains at the negotiating table.

“I will continue to call on the BCTF to suspend this strike and get into the affordability zone, just like 150,000 other hard-working women and men in the public sector who have settled this year.”

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What’s next in the war of words

With more than 99 per cent of the B.C. teachers’ vote coming back in favour of the option, B.C. Teachers’ Federation President Jim Iker again renewed the call for the government to enter into binding arbitration to end the months-long teachers’ strike.

“Tonight, B.C. teachers voted overwhelmingly to back to call for binding arbitration that would see an end to the strike and open our schools,” Iker said.

Out of the province’s roughly 41,000 teachers, 30,669 cast ballots in the BCTF’s internal vote.

Iker said 30,490 of those ballots—99.4 per cent—came back as “yes” votes for binding arbitration.

“Tomorrow morning, custodial staff could be pulling chairs off desks, teachers could be setting up their classrooms, school counsellors could be finalizing their timetables … and classes could start this week and our children could be learning,” he said.

Under the proposal, issues around class size and composition would not go to arbitration, but would instead be resolved in an ongoing court case.

Iker said, the B.C. government’s refusal to go to binding arbitration is now the only thing blocking that back-to-school reality from happening.

“We ask you again, to change your mind,” he said.

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job add22

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Death at Boonstock – grey cloud on Penticton event

cropped-boonstock-banner22.jpgRCMP estimated their policing costs would have been near $200,000, but have now re-evaluated the cost to be $250,000.

Supt. Hewco says their role changed significantly when gaps were identified in the private security at Boonstock, but had the event been issued a liquor license, policing would have increased substantially more.

“I believe that the security concerns that we identified would only have been compounded had the event been issued a liquor licence,” states Supt. Hewco. “Our ability to maintain order and relative safety at this event is attributable to our increased resources and the limited availability of liquor on site.”boonstock meeting22

Supt. Hewco says it is the responsibility of the promoter to reimburse the Provincial Government for these special event policing costs rather than leaving the bill up to the taxpayers.

He says they’ll be advocating for safety and security at future events.

Boonstock organizer Colin Kobza told Global News he would be available for comment later in the day.

Hewco says he cannot call Boonstock a success because someone lost their life.boonstock two

He completed the tally of policing cost for the August long weekend event and blames poor planning and security holes for increasing the cost of RCMP services.

“The planning of any major event plays a significant role in its success and safety,” says Supt. Hewco. “From our view, I cannot label this event as a success, especially considering the fact that a young woman died.”

Lynn Tolocka died from a suspected overdose on the festival grounds. The 24-year-old Leduc, Alberta resident was one of more than a dozen drug overdose cases among Boonstock attendees, but was the only person who died.

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“Pronk”… “Wuffle”… “Orgle”

Do you know what these terms mean?

Not many people do, but Canadian alpaca farmers and their national association – Alpaca Canada – will, throughout September, do their best to help Canadians from coast to coast to coast broaden their knowledge of alpacas. They are throwing open their gates and inviting the public to come and see the alpacas in a more natural habitat, rather than in a petting zoo or at a fall fair.

Do you know:

* Alpacas can be easily led using a halter and lead line and that they love to go for walks. You may be lucky enough to try your hand at this when you visit.

*Crias (alpaca young) are born during daylight hours after a gestation of eleven to eleven and a-half months? The birthing season will be over for most farms by September which means the crias will be at their entertaining best. You will understand first hand why so many alpaca farmers say their favorite part of the day is watching the alpacas in their pastures in the evening.

*Alpaca fibre is warmer than wool, second only to cashmere in softness, lighter than cotton and was once considered ‘the fibre of the gods?’ This meant only Inca royalty were allowed to wear garments made from alpaca fleece. It also contains no lanolin or grease so, if you are sensitive to wool, alpaca fibre may be exactly what you are looking for.

*Alpacas are considered the ‘greenest’ of livestock? Their toes are padded so their feet do not tear up the terrain as they roam about. They are also ‘grazers’ so they bite the stalk of grass, rather than pull or tug it from the ground.

On September 20th from 10am until 4pm, Sunkeya Farm Alpacas, owned by Linda & Clay Schultz, and located at 1264 Green Lake Road in Oliver, BC will be throwing open its gates and welcoming young and old to meet the alpacas. Phone 250-498-6565 or email at:

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concert series 2014

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A report by Marion Boyd


Flex pass tickets are on sale for a musically stimulating and emotionally enthralling series of concerts performed under the auspices of the South Okanagan Concert Society.  This will be the first full season to enjoy all the concerts at the new Venables Theatre.  The lineup promises to meet the high standards of an exceptional venue.   Don’t let the winter blahs get you down when you can join friends and come alive to an eclectic mix of performances guaranteed to brighten your spirits.

First to appear on Monday, October 20th, is Quartetto Gelato.   Known as the “Cirque du Soleil” of classical music they are supremely talented, deliciously smart, endlessly creative, refreshingly funny and totally surprising.   Virtuosic showpieces, romantic tenor arias, pyrotechnical solos, blazing gypsy show pieces, multi-instrument mastery and a World Accordion Champion – this is Quartetto Gelato.   This quartet ‘s theatrical stage presence and relaxed humor establishes an intimate rapport with audiences world wide.   They are not to be missed!

For those impatient to get tickerts, here is the scoop.  Four admission flex pass tickets for only $70 are already on sale for the concert series at Beyond Bliss in Oliver, and Imperial Office Pro in Osoyoos or at the door.   The flex ticket can be used in any combination.   Four can go to one concert, snowbirds can share a ticket or one person can come to all 4 concerts.    A single entrance is $20.  Those students 17 and under gain admission free and those needing a ride from Osoyoos can call Maureen at 495-7978 and arrange to come by bus.    All concerts start at 7:30 pm.

What else is in store for you?  On Friday, January 23rd Offramp Jazz Sextet  performs.   The best of the swing era and everything in between,  The Offramp Jazz Sextet brings you a sampling of jazz that will leave you dancing and singing!   Come and hear Duke Ellington and Count Basie, tasty Latin grooves, a bit of boogie, and some beautiful ballads.

On Friday, February 20th, pianist Sara Davis Buechner returns to our stage and we will hear our lovely new grand piano finessed by one of the leading keyboard artists of our time.  Sara is a dazzling pianist and a witty speaker who creates an intimate connection with her audience.   Her vast piano repertoire ranges from J.S. Bach to contemporaries.   Ironclad technique allows her to interpret music “with a masterful blend of rigor and authenticity and the seductive lightness of charm.”   Anyone who heard her perform here in 2011 will be back for more!

QuintEssence will be on stage for the finale of the season on Friday,  March 27th.  Featuring four internationally renowned vocalists and pianist, Tina Chang, QuintEssence offers a fresh, innovative concert experience for lovers of classical music of any style.   Their concerts showcase cherished opera repertoire and exotic musical gems by songwriters spanning from Shubert to Poulenc, Britten to Heggie, and Gershwin to Weill.  They will dazzle you with vocal pyrotechnics, melt your heat with beautifully sung poetry and stretch your musical frontier to the limit with adored music from off the beaten track.

The South Okanagan Concert Society invites each and every one of you to get your tickets and join us for the 2014-2015 concert series so the pleasure of good company and good music will be yours.

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Is it fall? – colours show it

shoot one22shoot two22shoot three22

All images larger when pressed

shoot four22

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Meet and greet candidates – New Democrats

South Okanagan – West Kootenay

NDP Riding Association

The Federal NDP Riding Association for South Okanagan – West Kootenay is inviting NDP Members and the general public to meet the NDP Candidates who are hoping to represent you in the next Federal election and go on to be your voice in Ottawa. Richard (Dick) Cannings and Margaret Maximenko have been working hard to meet as many of you as possible and as we head toward our nomination date this is your chance to get to know them and see them in action.

Meet the Candidates events have been scheduled throughout the South Okanagan – West Kootenay Electoral District between September 23 and 30. These events are open to the media and the general public. Members will be given priority in asking questions – membership has privileges.

PENTICTON Sept 23 Penticton Library Auditorium 6:30 – 9:00 PM

OLIVER Sept 24 Elks Hall 6:30 – 9:00 PM

GRAND FORKS Sept 25 Senior’s Hall 6:30 – 9:00 PM

Plan to attend one or more of the Meet the Candidate events. If you are able to attend an event, bring your family members, friends and neighbors, and let us continue to move forward together to make a better Canada.

Our Nomination Meeting date has been set for October 18 in Grand Forks. For members who cannot be at the meeting an electronic and mail ballot will be available. We want to make it possible for every member to vote. The ballots and full information will be available by the last week in September. In order to vote, you must be a member before September 18, 2014.

For more information, contact Vince Salvo, President of the South Okanagan – West Kootenay NDP Riding Association at (250) 365 7633 or


For more information contact:

Vincent Salvo, President

South Okanagan – West Kootenay NDP Riding Association

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“To create a heart for the town centre of Okanagan Falls”

chartApproximately fifty members of the community were on hand Tuesday night at the Seniors Centre in Okanagan Falls for another town hall style meeting to discuss the revitalization of  the town centre. RDOS Area ‘D’ Director  Tom Siddon emceed a panel which once again included Bob Ransford of Counterpoint Communications. Ransford outlined phase one of the plan, a “situational analysis,” by detailing some of the assets and the challenges to the community as they exist today. Phase two of the plan discussed a number of scenarios which the consultants have introduced as possibilities for the revitalization of the town centre. okanagan falls town hall “The ultimate goal is to create a distinctiveness of place,” Ransford said. “To create a heart for the town centre of Okanagan Falls.” Of the two scenarios, the one that the consultants and the attendees appeared to favour is one in which a mixed-use “place magnet” facility (perhaps a wine centre/visitor experience centre) is located on the North side of Highway 97 – the site of the current outdoor flea market.

Thanks to

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Bike rack gets the “yarn treatment”

bike rack22

Thanks to

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Things for kids to do

Credit Doris Lancaster

Credit Doris Lancaster

Kids aren’t in school?
Looking for something educational?
Have you visited the Osoyoos & District Museum and Archives?

Our main focus is the history of Osoyoos, and how local, national, and international events contributed to shaping our unique community.  New exhibits opened for summer 2014 include “Early Osoyoos, From customs post to modern village—its history from 1861 to 1946” and “Images of Osoyoos” a display of original artwork.

Want something more interactive?  Try our scavenger hunt—suitable for children of all ages!  Or check out the 1st Osoyoos Boy Scouts display complete with a station to try your hand at tying knots!

Perhaps you would prefer something outdoors—pick up a copy of the Osoyoos Times town map which includes the Historical Walking Tour.  Seven of the historical signs are within walking distance of the Osoyoos Museum and downtown Osoyoos.

Unlimited visits for the very affordable Annual Family Membership price of $15.00!

The museum is open Tuesday—Friday 11am—3pm.  Pre-arranged guided tours and group rates available.

For more information contact Kara Burton at

Photo from Spirit Ridge – cultural centre

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Comments are made below posts on the blog

FREE classified ads &  FREE events are completed by pressing the buttons above marked FREE. If an attempt is made to make a comment or place an ad on some other button above – it will be taken down when the error is noticed.

It’s easy. I want this to work for you.

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BC Unions throw support to teachers

Thirteen B.C. union leaders wrote Premier Christy Clark on Tuesday urging the government to accept the B.C. Teachers’ Federation proposal to end the impasse with binding arbitration, emphasizing that politicians should stop pointing to the financial framework within their unions’ collective agreements as the obstacle to getting a deal.

The unions represent some 350,000 public sector workers, half of whom the government says already settled within its target range for wages and benefits.

The union for BC Hydro workers this week asked its membership to set aside $100,000 in collateral from its reserves so the BCTF can secure a loan, while the B.C. Federation of Labour is planning to announce its own financial help on Wednesday.

“No one is going to get rich off this strike. No one,” said Gwenne Farrell, vice-president of Local 378 of the Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union.

“The teachers especially — it’s really quite the opposite. What we can do, though, is if we support the teachers that are striking we can help at least offset some of that financial hardship.”

Canadian Press


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Mine not in compliance – directed to take prompt action

WILLIAMS LAKE – On Sept.4, 2014, the Mount Polley mining facility was
inspected by staff from the Ministry of Environment and was found to be
out of compliance with the Environmental Management Act (EMA) because
effluent was still discharging from the tailings storage facility into
Hazeltine Creek.

Today, a ministry statutory decision-maker sent an advisory to the Mount
Polley Mining Corporation directing the company to take prompt action to
abate all discharges from the tailings storage facility into the
receiving environment.

While discharges have stopped since the Sept. 4, 2014, inspection,
ministry staff are concerned future rain events will trigger further
discharges. A copy of that advisory can be found here: This advisory is the first step of an escalating enforcement response to a violation of the Environmental Management Act. More information regarding response to the Mount Polley mine incident can be viewed here:

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Super Valu

Back to Regular STORE HOURS:

8 am - 8 pm SEVEN DAYS A WEEK

Locally Owned and Operated

Wally & Terri Brogan



Find us on Facebook!



GAIN Brand • 2.95 Litre Jug

$9.99 ( Reg: 15.99 )


• Suraj Aged

• 2 kg



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• No Name Bulk Pak

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• No Name 3.36 Lt.

• Regular or Lemon



reg 3.99



• No Name 1 Kg Bag







reg 13.99

Department Specials


• Med.or Jumbo Yellow

Washington • .84 kg





• Boneless • Club Pack

• Fresh • Sirloin End  • 7.67 kg





 Ovenfresh • 454 G




Full Service Floral 


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• Made in our Deli






MON.SEPT.15: BEEF BURGER DELUXE  w/Fries....... 6.99

TUES.SEPT.16: BEEF CANNELLONI w/Garlic Toast...... 5.99

WED.SEPT.17: CHICKEN FAJITAS............................. 3.99

THURS.: CHINESE FOOD.........Made in our Deli..100g.1.69

FRIDAYS: BORSCHT or CHILI....small  3.29...large 4.29

               CABBAGE ROLLS............................2 / 4.99

               PEROGIES......................................6 / 2.99

               CHICKEN WINGS..............................5 / 2.00

Prices in effect: Fri. Sept. 12 - Thurs. Sept. 18       ** Quantities Limited, While Stocks Last **

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