Hours cut at local Social Assistance office

11 offices in the Interior are affected.

Public now restricted in access to one half of the normal hours.

No staff affected.


Please be advised effective September 8, 2014, our local ministry office in Oliver will be open to the public from 1:00pm to 4:00pm Monday to Friday (except statutory holidays).

In addition the office will be open from 9 am to 12 noon on the Wednesday and Thursday of cheque issue week. This change will make it possible for our on-site ministry workers to continue to maximize in-person access in Oliver in the afternoons while allowing our staff to support and deliver income assistance services to our provincial clientele during the mornings.

The ministry’s overarching goal is to streamline processes and better serve British Columbians and the ministry will closely monitor the effectiveness of these service-delivery changes and will make appropriate adjustments.

Our ministry is moving towards more technology-enabled and virtually delivered services in order to provide citizens and clients with more choices and flexibility on how, when and where to access our services.

Our Contact Centres’ hours of operation are from 9:00am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday (except statutory holidays) and we encourage clients to utilize this service.

Please have your clients call 1-866-866-0800 to receive assistance from a service agent. For client’s convenience, we have a call back feature that allows clients to leave their contact number, and they will be called back in the same order that their call was received.

In addition to our existing service options, also effective September 8, 2014, clients may register online to use our ministry’s My Self Serve.

My Self Serve is an online service option with features that include:

  • ability for clients to submit their monthly reports (stub) online

  • allows clients to view their cheque amounts and status of their cheques, and

  • allows clients to receive messages from the ministry.



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Ace at Canyon Desert

janice hole22Janice Lafontaine who scored a hole-in-one on the 12th hole at Nk’Mip Canyon Desert Golf Course on July 20th.

Janice used a 13 wood and was playing with her husband Mike.

Photo and story by Ron Nichol (on the round as well)

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Thursday in the park

ocac june 2422

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Will Fortis support this program?

led light22The B.C. government is making it easier to put high-efficiency bulbs in street lights by becoming the first province in Canada to offer a buy-in-bulk discount to cities and towns.

Benefits include:

  • Co-ordination with BC Hydro’s Power Smart Program that offers incentive funding to assist with conversion costs. ( BC Hydro is a crown corporation – Fortis is not and not mentioned )

There are about 360,000 streetlights across B.C. keeping roadways and parking lots glowing, but most use old technology that uses a lot of power.

Replacing the old conventional lights with high-efficiency LED bulbs would cut power use enough to run a city like New Westminster.

While LED lights cost up to three times more than conventional ones, they last five times longer and use 50 to 70 per cent less electricity.

This program was announced recently but stated BC Hydro and not our local utility.

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Normal summer?

High cost of gas, accommodations keeping Canadians at home – survey says yes.

There has been heat

There has been smoke and fires

There are pumps prices that could be lower


Do you find this is NOT like a normal summer with lots of tourists, beaches filled, accommodation hard to find?

With no research other than what I see – the best month of the year for heat and people is July and I don’t see the travelers.

Is this aging demographics?

Is it the cost of fuel for cars and trucks?

Do we live in the air conditioner age – stay at home ?

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Photographer Donna Dean

donna dean clouds

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Super Valu


8 am - 9 pm SEVEN DAYS A WEEK

Locally Owned and Operated

Wally & Terri Brogan





Find us on Facebook!



• Pres. Choice  • 3.78 Lt. Jug  **READY TO DRINK**

$3.99 (Reg: $ 5.59 )


• .5% Beer • 12-355 ml



reg 11.99


• Mr. & Mrs. T's 1 Lt.
 • Margarita • Pina Colada



reg 4.99


• Pres. Choice • 300g Tin



reg 5.99


• No Name 170 ml
• Marinated




reg 2.19

Department Specials


• B.C GROWN • 1.10 kg





• Skinless • Boneless • Frozen

 • 4 kg Box (approx. 2.99 lb.)





• Ovenfresh

• Sliced 454g













Made Fresh in our Deli






MON.July 21: STUFFED PEPPERS.............................3.99

TUES.July 22: CHICK. SOUVLAKI w/Rice/Greek Salad..6.99

WED.July 23: MACARONI SURPRISE.........................4.99

THURSDAYS: CHINESE FOOD...Made in our Deli..100g.1.69

FRIDAYS: BORSCHT or CHILI.....small3.29...large 4.29

               CABBAGE ROLLS.............................2 / 4.99

               PEROGIES.......................................6 / 2.99

               CHICKEN WINGS..............................5 / 2.00

Prices in effect: Fri. July 18 - Thurs. July 24        ** Quantities Limited, While Stocks Last **



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Please note


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Moonlight Serenade

new romance

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Rural report with Laird Smith

I keep my ear tuned to the weather in BC which right now is perfect for fruit. I just think of those peaches growing fat and juicy. What a delight!

This kind of heat BC is getting now is perfect for cantaloupe. Those melons will be so sweet and juicy. I would rather eat a cantaloupe than a peach, maybe because there is more to eat with a cantaloupe.

Last week we purchased peaches from a fruit pedlar at our local farmer’s market in Edmonton, but I wasn’t happy with the flat sided peaches. They just were not up to par. Why did we buy them? We were hoping the taste would be alright. Some were sour and some were sweet. They were Oliver peaches grown by someone I know. Next purchase we will be looking for well rounded fruit.

As a boy, picking peaches was the most difficult job in the whole orchard. First, you had to cup your hand around the peach to pick it off the tree. If you removed the peach any other way you would bruise it with your finger tips.
I  put the peaches into a pail which was hooked to a harness which I wore. I had both hands free for picking. I did not hang onto the ladder but balanced on the step and leaned against the ladder which gave me more balance.

When the pail was full, it was down to the apple box where the peaches were hand lifted out of the pail and gently placed into the box.

I could never pick more than an hour because the peach fuzz drove me crazy! As soon as my hand moved from one peach to another, the air filled with fuzz and it would land on my sweaty body. I would breathe it in too, then I would rub my nose and have it on my face. Before I knew it I was covered in fuzz, at least that is what it felt like.
When I think about those days I still scratch.

The best peaches that Wally grew were the Red Havens. They were free stone and delicious right off the tree. During peach season we ate peaches for dessert every day, never growing tired of them. We ate them with strawberries, raspberries, ice cream and cantaloupe, and once in a while we had peach pie or cobbler.

Auntie Kay would can the peaches and make some into jam, then we would enjoy them out of season too.

Heat brings an abundance that we can all enjoy.

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Letter to the editor

file one

Brad Fossett suggested I send you these photos I took at “the Stump”.

Brad and his nephew Kyle were kind enough to load and haul away in their two pickups this pile of used lumber and yard waste which someone had put there either Friday (after 9 am) or Saturday early.

It was stacked on top a of a large fire pit as if someone planned to have a bonfire. I notified Brad, Fire Chief for Willowbrook VFD and he quickly showed up and removed the pile to the Oliver landfill.

file twoAll of this material can be dumped free of charge at the landfill so we were concerned that the reason it was placed at the Stump was for a bonfire. Campfire ban is in effect and there is a sign near the turn onto Sawmill Lake access road that the driver had to go past to get to the Stump.

People also need to respect that this is private land and there are several signs stating so.

Those of us who live in the vicinity will continue our efforts to hopefully prevent some idiot from starting a fire.

Jim Tomkins

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Most regular viewers know about FREE classifieds and FREE events.

It would seem a few do not and try to make a comment on the buttons above – the ones that don’t have the word FREE on them.

Those comments are usually discarded and your ad or event is not seen for long.


let me repeat that

PUT your classified ad or event notice on the correct button above.

It is actually……really easy.

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Thanks Zach and Hanna

c t fundraiser

Two recent grads, Hanna Ellis and Zach Raposo ran the fundraiser “Haircuts for Holmstrom” at Canadian Tire Friday and raised over $1450.

Great success – thanks for organizing

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Osoyoos Desert Society – handsome award

osoyoos desert wikiThe Government of British Columbia approved $16.7 million in community gaming grants for arts and culture and $29.1 million for sport during 2013-14

◾Osoyoos Desert Society – $50,000

Denise Eastlick, Executive Director at the Osoyoos Desert Society said that the grant funds provide critically needed core funding for their group. “These funds are earmarked for habitat conservation, restoration and education,” Eastlick said. “The grant is essential to us being able to provide our year-round programs and projects.”

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Fire is 50% contained – many can return home


Many people allowed to return to their homes in West Kelowna

BC Wildfire Management Branch says the fire is 260 hectares in size and 50% contained. Fires contained within the fire perimeter will continue to burn and be visible for several weeks. Residents are asked if they see any fire activity related to the Smith Creek fire, not to call 9-1-1 as crews will still be actively working in the area and monitoring the situation.

For those who remain on evacuation orders, the Emergency Support Services reception centre at Mount Boucherie Senior Secondary School will continue to operate.

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Photographer Ed Dukes

twigletTwiglet enjoys the water

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Regular Sunday feature

Nunes-Pottinger Funeral Service

Press Button above

Regular Sunday Feature

Obituaries Listed:

Cornelia Maliepaard

It’s the policy of ODN to publish some obituaries in full on the main page as we become aware of a notice ~ at the discretion of the publisher. Some families request that an obituary be published here and there is a charge for that.

As a public service ~ ODN will publish this page on Sunday with updated information. Today’s page reflects notices published on the Nunes Pottinger website July 14 to July 20th

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Thursday July 24th

vicky funny biz

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Saturday Makeover – July 26

shoppers makeover Book your date with beauty

Saturday July 26 – 10 am to 4 pm

Summer Sun Gala

Skin consultations, bronzing demos, mini-makeovers, goodie bags for all attendees AND a grand prize of a gift basket full of sun products worth $250. Refreshments and more.

BBQ 11 am to 1 pm out front

with proceeds to Desert Valley Hospice Society by donation

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Drop into Sears on Sunday – VIP weekend

sears logo22sears22july15

Drop in this week to your Sears Hometown Store

at the Oliver Place Mall.

Contact Bonnie Hayes (250) 498-3448

5955 MAIN ST #1400

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Saturday’s Salmon Sunset

colleen sunset22

Colleen Misner

nick koster sunset22

Nick Koster

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Windy Westbank

deck one22Shannon Lake area – winds get the choppers activedeck two22

B.C.’s Wildfire Management Branch said five helicopters, multiple air tanker groups, and 75 men and women from the Wildfire Management Branch and local fire departments were working at the Smith Creek wildfire, and even more resources would be arriving today.

Public safety in West Kelowna paramount.

Regional Emergency Operations Centre advises that no one will be allowed to return to their homes this evening.

All Evacuation Orders and Alerts remain in effect for an estimated 2,500 people living in approximately 1,100 homes.

The Incident Commander has determined that based on an assessment of active fire behaviour and weather conditions, especially this afternoon’s gusty winds, no one will be able to go home this evening. Public safety is the number one priority.

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new romance

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revised fairview

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