Guts, glory, ram

ram dewar22

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Bighorn Sheep ram just south of Vaseux Lake. He was watching the traffic while spending time with a ewe just to the right out of view.

Photographed by Jacqueline Dewar

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Budget discussion highlight of Parks meeting

The budget for 2015 has been approved by directors of the OPRS and will be sent to Directors of the Regional District ( Area C and Town of Oliver ) for review.weinrich22

This new budget calls for expenditures in the amount of $1,664, 639 compared with $1,551,650 in the current year. $1 million of this requisitioned from taxpayers with balance in user fees/expenditures from reserves.

The OPRS directors told that there is 0% increase in operational cost with all proposed increases in capital costs. Zero percent despite a 2% proposed increase in labour costs but balanced by increased revenue from users.

Capital budget amounts allocated for weight room reconfiguration, skateboard park upgrades, shade structures and landscaping in the main park west of community stage, irrigation improvements with a total list of expenditures:

$244,500 most coming from the pool and parks reserves.

Arena and hall reserves not well funded so an increase on a taxpayer requisition is expected.


A delegation of about 15 users of the Parks Weight Room/Exercise Centre were on hand for Monday’s meeting requesting the following:

Expand weight room to south or use Room 2 –  requesting purchase of more equipment – used or otherwise.

Directors indicated the weight room has been discussed for two years and management in process of upgrading security/entrance and equipment. But no expansion of building or space anticipated at this time. Directors told that Cactus Tree Gym closing soon with about 15 people affected. OPRS Manager Carol Sheridan says she has met with owner of Cactus Tree and three items of interest have come to her attention for possible purchase depending on price and warranty considerations.


Work on the roof of the Arena storage annex (maintenance shop) is complete at a cost of $11,500 with work done by Interior Roofing.

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Shot across the bow – updated

Carol Sheridan, Manager of the Oliver Parks and Recreation Society says “The OPRS has not received the 50% deposit required to hold tentative reservations for the 2015 Outback Events Half Ironman and Sprint races scheduled for June 6 & 7, therefore the arena and park facilities remain open and available for booking.”

half ironThe board of directors, Oliver Parks and Recreation, have decided to let potential customers know that its facilities are available for rental June 6 and 7, 2015.

Those dates now being advertised by Outback Events (Joe Dixon) for the annual Half Iron but the  OPRS has no existing contract with Outback which is in arrears with an outstanding debt to the Society.

Oliver Parks and Recreation Society  Chair Shiela Lange says “my understanding is because Mr. Dixon has not secured the dates by giving OPRS a deposit by a specified date and has not cleared up outstanding bills with OPRS as requested through a registered letter sent in September, our facilities are available on those dates for other events by any other organization that books them with the requested deposit.”

Several other race groups are interested in holding an event in June of next year. Outback Events has a contract with the Town of Oliver for the use of streets, sidewalks, pathways, banner poles etc but does not control – parks, beaches, parking spaces and halls for large functions such as this.

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canyon22Robert Mattes wanted to answer a question from earlier.

Yes he has been in the canyon – today as well

Press to enlarge

Banner photo today – Cliff Meeds – credit given elsewhere

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Tight race sees Dick Cannings chosen

dick22Party insiders say the vote difference less than 50 when 700 NDP’ers voted for a candidate for new riding of South Okanagan West Kootenay.

Dick Cannings of Penticton was chosen by party members in a vote last weekend in Grand Forks. He outpolled Margaret Maximenko of Christina Lake, the only other candidate in the running.

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Legal Notice – RDOS one

rdos notice two22

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Local chipmunk – Linda Anderson

linda's chipmunk22

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patPat Beauchamp January 3, 1928 – October 15, 2014

Patricia Thomasena Beauchamp died suddenly at Oliver hospital on October 15, 2014, at the age of 86.

She is predeceased by husbands Jacob (Jack) Edward Zentner (1976) and Joseph (Joe) Albert Beauchamp (2001); by her sister Roberta (Bobbie) Seale (2012) and brother Jack Bryan (2014).

She is survived by twin daughters Barbara Boechler (her daughters, Sabrina and Nicole) and Beverley Taylor (her daughters, Stephanie and Justine); by children David Beauchamp, Valerie Beauchamp, Linda Roller (Doug) and Gerry Beauchamp (Francis Dumonceaux); eleven grandchildren, eighteen great grandchildren and one great-great grandchild; and brother Tom Bryan (Aase).

In Rossland where she was born and raised, Pat worked in retail clothing as a sales clerk and seamstress for 34 years.

Pat and Jack were members at Birchbank Golf Course in Trail where Pat learned to play the game. In later years Pat and Joe spent many winters, during their years of retirement, golfing in California and Nevada.  As an avid golfer, Pat was very passionate about the game and won a number of awards for tournaments while a member at Fairview Golf Club and Nk’Mip Golf Club in Oliver.

Pat was a member of the Rossland Curling Club for a number of years; she also bowled in Penticton and Osoyoos while living in Oliver. She loved to play games, being a regular at bingo, cards, dominos and other activities offered in the community and at Heritage House where she became a resident in April.

A Celebration of Life will be held on Saturday, October 25, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. in the Senior Centre  –  5876 Airport Road, Oliver, BC.

In lieu of flowers, donations would be gratefully accepted to either of the following:

South Okanagan General Hospital Palliative Care Program at
South Okanagan Similkameen Medical Foundation
550 Carmi Avenue
Penticton, BC V2A 3G5

BC Golf – Player Development Trust Fund (in support of Junior Golf)
2110 – 13700 Mayfield Place, Richmond, BC V6V 2S9
or online at Golf Canada/BC Golf

Condolences and tributes may be directed to the family by visiting

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Legal Notice – RDOS two

rdos notice one22

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Morning sky

surise doris22Doris Lancaster

kevin vetsch22Kevin Vetsch

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Oliver Shoes + Blue Sky clothing

oct12 Oliver shoes

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Local dealer – ready to work for you



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On now at Sears in Oliver

sears o  17

Drop in this week to your Sears Hometown Store

at the Oliver Place Mall.

Contact Bonnie Hayes (250) 498-3448

5955 MAIN ST #1400

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Open House Saturday

open house paws

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Have you walked this canyon?

canyon22Photo Mike Beaulieu

Press image for larger

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Minister to decide

road“Golden Mile Bench” Sub-GI Application On May 20, 2014 the Authority received an application from a group of proponents requesting that a new Sub-Geographical Indication under the name of the “Golden Mile Bench” be prescribed in the Wines of Marked Quality Regulation. Following an extensive review of the Application, the Authority’s Board has concluded that the Application meets the requirements of section 29 and it is recommending to the Minister of Agriculture that the Application, as submitted, be approved and that a new Sub-GI of “Golden Mile Bench”, with boundaries as they have been proposed in the Application, be prescribed through an amendment to section 28 of the Regulation. The Board’s full Report concerning its review of the Application is expected to be released shortly.

Steve Berney, General Manager

hester creek

Previously on ODN – May 24

Hester Creek is one of a number of wineries that have launched an application for a “unique” wine designation for Golden Mile Bench wineries. (all on alluvial soil on west side of valley).

Golden Mile Bench is the first such application to the BC Wine Authority.

The proposal was made this week to become the first official sub – Designated Viticultural Area (DVA) of the Okanagan Valley. An in-depth analysis by scientists from Agriculture Canada has shown the area has a combination of landform, landscape position, mesoclimate, air drainage and soil materials that make it distinct.

Okanagan Valley DVA comprises around 80% of all British Columbia’s vineyard area, yet producing wines from many different mesoclimates and terroirs, it is a belief that there is a need to break this large, single appellation into meaningful, scientifically unique sub-DVAs that produce distinctive wines.

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Grey skies

brandt22Uclulet, Vancouver Island

Brandt Leinor

Press image for larger

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Races finished for the year


Mike Riplinger, Oliver – races his stunning 1967 Cougar against Glory Daze, a 1951 Chevy driven by Ernie Bartelson from Oroville, WA. Bartelson took home the sportsman of the year trophy

WCRA 2014 racing season comes to a close

Racers and fans from both sides of the 49th parallel packed the Richter Pass Motorplex on October 12 for Wine Country Racing Association’s last drag race of the year.

Osoyoos, B.C.’s Glenn Taylor drove his black 1951 Mercury pick-up to victory over Mark Sheriff of Summerland, B.C. to take home the trophy in the Sportsman Bracket.

The champion of the Street Warrior class was Taylor Dean of Summerland, B.C. Dean cruised his 2007 GMC truck past Penticton’s Kevin Clarke, in his orange 1973 Camaro.

The Pro Bracket final belonged to Kelowna, B.C. Ron Carlson, in his grey 1970 Nova, defeated Chad Abougoush and his purple 1970 Cuda.

Kelowna, B.C.’s Vanessa Richards sailed her blue 1989 Mustang by 14 other competitors, including Dean Book of Penticton, B.C., to snag the Super Pro title.

In the Bike/Sled class the trophy went to Osoyoos, B.C.’s Steve Macor and his purple Kawasaki motorcycle. Macor took down Oliver’s Warren Brown in the final round.

The Fastest Reaction Time trophy went to Coleby Phelps of Penticton, B.C. Phelps scored an absolutely perfect .500 light on his orange Kawasaki motorcycle.

The Ron Tasker Memorial trophy for sportsmanship was awarded to Ernie Bartelson, from Oroville, WA. Bartelson drives a super cool 1951 Chevy, known as  Glory Daze.


Thanks Shana Cachola

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New penalties in place

car crash 22Drivers are advised to put their hand-held electronic devices away, as the Province’s new distracted driving penalties hit British Columbia roads and highways today. Now, anyone caught talking on a hand-held electronic device while driving is subject to three penalty points in addition to a $167 fine. This is the same penalty that was already in place for drivers caught texting or emailing.

The new penalty for using a hand-held electronic device covers infractions such as talking on, holding or dialing a cellular phone, operating a hand-held audio player (such as an iPod or mp3 player), or programming a GPS. Penalty points remain on a person’s driving record for five years and can result in further sanctions, including prohibitions from driving. Of note, B.C.’s distracted driving legislation also prohibits drivers in the Graduated Licensing Program from using any hands-free device.

The fall season is also a time to be aware that distraction is a top contributing factor for drivers in vehicle collisions that involve pedestrians. This is especially important to keep in mind as it becomes more difficult to see pedestrians in dark and poor weather conditions.

Distracted driving is the second leading contributing factor of vehicle fatalities in B.C. The Province continues to look at increased fines for distracted driving as part of an overall fine structure review and work is underway to determine what an appropriate amount would be.

Key Facts:
•Drivers that accrue more than three points must pay an ICBC driver penalty point premium that starts at $175 and will escalate if they receive more points.
•A driver who receives two distracted driving tickets in a year would pay $634, which is the cost of two fines and a $300 penalty for six points.
•As points build on a person’s driving record, the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles may also identify a driver as high-risk and monitor or prohibit them under the Driver Improvement Program.
•High-risk drivers can receive administrative interventions ranging from warning letters, which say their driving record is being monitored, to prohibitions from driving.

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Travel pix

whalley statue22From our Baltic cruise this summer, the iconic mermaid in Copenhagen harbour, had a wonderful time

Dave Whalley

Tullamore Ireland 2014

Eileen Redding

beaulieu sunset22

Sunset photo from Port Maitland Nova Scotia. Makes you squint doesn’t it…

Mike Beaulieu

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Morning chuckle

no fishing lepineI could not resist taking this photo in Benson Arizona 2014. I had to LOL when I saw this on a morning bike ride. Perhaps a few will get a chuckle..

Arlene Lepine

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Rural report with Laird Smith

Growing up as the son of fruit grower’s certainly had some benefits. I’m thinking particularly of eating garden fresh vegetables.

Auntie Kay would plant peas as soon as she could which meant that sometimes she planted in February and we ate fresh peas by Easter. That was the beginning of the fresh produce.

Wally and Auntie Kay always planted green beans, carrots, potatoes, parsnips, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and pumpkins. As each vegetable ripened we added it to our diet. There was a weed too with a wide leaf that was cooked up and we ate it in the place of spinach.

The fresh new taste of each vegetable is only a distant memory because today I lack the acuteness I once had in discerning those flavors.

There were also the garden fresh berries which included strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries. Then add cantaloupe and peaches to the mix and we had a fine tasting dessert!

I want to get back to the peas. As I remember it, our peas were not blemished in any way, but since we didn’t eat the shells it wouldn’t have mattered anyways.

Today though, there is a variety called “Snow Peas” and they are quite delicious. The shells are sweet and tender so they can be eaten along with the peas without cooking them which makes them a convenient snack or tasty raw addition to a meal.

The problem I’ve found is that the shells are always damaged either by an insect or they are machine harvested and damaged in the process. I don’t know which causes the shell damage but I do wonder each time I eat them which is frequently.

If the damage is by insects, then we are becoming more tolerant to how our fresh produce looks. If that is the case then will our tolerance lead to fewer sprays being used in the future? After all is it not the consumer who drives the market with their expectations?


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Photographer Val Friesen


Morocco: Ait Ben Haddou (The Gladiator, among other films, was partially shot here)

Senegal: The Baptism



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Fall Frenzie coming up

ruth22The fundraiser, Fall Frenzie, is on Saturday, November 1st from 10 to 2 pm at Medici’s.   It is a perfect time to get some friends together, drop in, treat yourself to a latte or a wicked little dish of gelato and have some fun selecting gifts for Christmas from a variety of handmade items created in Africa and in Oliver.

All proceeds from sales are donated to the Stephen Lewis Foundation to support African grandmothers raising children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

Here are some pictures of the Oliver Grandmothers hard at work at a sewing bee Oct. 16th.
Ruth is featured in picture above submitted with article by Marion Boyd

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Super Valu


8 am - 8 pm SEVEN DAYS A WEEK

Locally Owned and Operated

Wally & Terri Brogan



Find us on Facebook!



• President's Choice 907g • *1/2 PRICE*

2/4.00 ( Reg: 3.99 )


• No Name 908 g Bag

• Nacho or Regular



reg 6.99


• No Name 170 g Tin

• Chunk or Flaked Light





• No Name 1.89 Lt. Jug

• Mild or Medium



reg 8.99


• No Name 156 g Tin

• Ham or Chicken






reg 13.99

Department Specials



• Grown in Oliver • 2.77 kg





• EYE OUT • 10.98 kg





• Ovenfresh • Assorted

• Package of 6





For all your

Floral Needs

Call Doris 250-498-2636 Ext -1


•  Slide Fresh Daily






MON.OCT.20: MEATLOAF w/Mashed Pots./Gravy/Veg... 6.99

TUE.OCT.21: PHILLY CHEESESTEAK w/Fries or Jojos...6.99


THURS.: CHINESE FOOD.......Made in our Deli..100g.1.69

FRIDAYS: BORSCHT or CHILI.....small 3.29...large 4.29

               CABBAGE ROLLS.............................2 / 4.99

               PEROGIES.......................................6 / 2.99

               CHICKEN WINGS..............................5 / 2.00

Prices in effect: Fri. Oct. 17 - Thurs. Oct. 23       ** Quantities Limited, While Stocks Last **

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