$444 million surplus projected in current year

Michael de Jong, Minister of Finance –

“With a provincial budget of almost $45 billion, the current forecast surplus of $444 million is still a modest amount. While this quarterly update demonstrates there have been some positive short-term gains, we’re committed to continuing to exercise fiscal discipline to ensure B.C.’s budget remains balanced.”

B.C. remains on target to balance the 2014-15 Budget with a projected year-end surplus of $444 million, up by $178 million since the First Quarterly Report, Finance Minister Michael de Jong announced today.

Revenue for 2014-15 is forecast to be $45.5 billion, which is $194 million higher than the First Quarterly Report projection. Increases in revenue from taxation sources, federal transfers and net income of commercial Crown corporations were partly offset by lower natural resource revenues. Much of this net gain in revenue is not expected to carry forward into future years.

Total government spending is forecast to be $16 million higher than projected in the First Quarterly report, partly due to higher spending by health authorities to respond to demand for services. Spending by government ministries is forecast to be down $29 million, compared to the first quarter forecast, partly due to lower debt servicing costs.

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Finding joy

three girlsSingers, dancers, and musicians promise delightful entertainment at the family-friendly Community Christmas Concert, hosted by the Oliver Community Arts Council. Between sets, members of the audience have a chance to win prizes during the popular quiz, and children leave with a goodie bag. The fun begins at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday November 30. Venue: Oliver Alliance ChurchAdmission is by donation. Both cash and can are gratefully accepted. Proceeds go to the Oliver Food Bank.

The variety show celebrates both sacred and secular winter festivities. The programme ranges from traditional carols, to modern compositions, to a humorous narration, to popular dance. Lively quizzes will test the audience’s knowledge of seasonal traditions around the world.

What would Christmas-time be without child-like joy and wonder? Keeping that in mind, talented youthful performers will fill the show with song and dance. The OES Handbell Team, under the direction of Lori Martine, opens the concert with sparkling crystal tones. Their program includes classic music from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker and closes with Jingle Bells of course!

The Sage Valley Voices offer tantalizing samples from their December concert: three modern pieces including Starry Night and How Quietly. After you hear these, you’ll want to attend their full concert!

Several soloists and duos are generously donating their talents to the concert. Entertainer Mat Duffus provides some tropical warmth with Feliz Navidad, and Matthew Thomas sings First Christmas. The gentle classical guitar of Jeremy Cook sets a meditative mood with Joy to the World. Mikie Spillett and Ken Repkow will add a touch of country to some popular selections including Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. Chuckle at the funny side of The Twelve Days of Christmas with a narration by JoAnn Turner.

The cheerful OES Chorus will bring out the smiles with Rollerskatin’ Reindeer, Winter Fantasy and The Snow Lay on the Ground. The Vintage Voices men’s chorus sing two a cappella selections: Winter Wonderland and White Christmas. What songs could be more appropriate after a snowfall?

The energetic Oliver Dance Studio troupe will bound on stage with a variety of performances from lyrical, to hip hop, to jazz and ballet, under the tutelage of Leah Moen-Garcia.

Prizes for both adults and children have been generously donated by Your Dollar Store with More, Osoyoos. All children will receive a goodie bag, courtesy of The Bargain! Store in Oliver.

Come for the music. Stay for the fun. Leave with goodies and prizes. See you there – with bells on!

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It’s happening

light up

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Time to get organized

christmas photos

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You may need to know

Left over snow could freeze by Saturday however

Environment Canada says it will rain and remain warm until then

Watch and see is the best policy

Environment Canada not always right in forecasting so clearing of snow a good idea.

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Plowing through a Wednesday

wed snow bruce22Photo by Janette Van Vianen

Earlier shot of tree – Leza Macdonald

Banner shot by Publisher

Cliff Meed’s back yard

and Rocky’s idea of optimism

rocky flower

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Plowing roads – clearing driveways etc. – 7 inches of snow

If you look at the weather forecast, it is going to get cold by Friday, so make sure you clear as much snow as you can before then otherwise it could be frozen for a while. Seven inches measured today!

For people inquiring about snow removal – crews are doing the best they can and will plug away at it all day. If it doesn’t snow any more, we may still be out tomorrow clearing more areas before it freezes up.

Calls coming stating Town crews plowing in peoples driveways but there is not much we can do at this time and it states in our policy that we do not “open private driveways blocked by windrows”.

People shouldn’t shovel back into the road because that can create other problems as well and try to shovel to the sides.

Not everyone can be helped immediately as Town crews have an order of plowing. Hills, main arterials, sidewalks and other streets.

Town of Oliver

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NO buses


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V-Day Oliver-Osoyoos Update

The V-Day Oliver-Osoyoos group met on November 20th, to make a few crucial decisions regarding the 2015 campaign to stop violence against women and girls. This year, the funding will be split as follows:

10% – VDAY
10% – ONTEH (Okanagan Nation Transition Emergency House)
40% – Penticton And Area Society (which has offices in Oliver and Osoyoos to facilitate Facets Holistic Self Discovery
40% – Desert Sun Counselling to fund the Crisis Line

This year’s art show theme will be ‘The Silent Voice’; any interested artists can expect a call for submissions to be released shortly, with details on how to submit.

The art show will take place on March 8th, to celebrate One Billion Rising and International Women’s Day.
Another exciting change this year is that we will be putting on two performances of the critically acclaimed work ‘The Vagina Monologues’ at the Osoyoos Secondary School Theatre. There will be receptions following the performances which will be taking place mid-April, giving attendees the chance to meet the cast and further contribute to the cause.

We were excited to welcome some new volunteers into the group, and as always, continue to seek individuals who are passionate about stopping violence against women and girls in their communities. There are all kinds of opportunities to lend a hand. For more information please visit www.vdayoliverosoyoos.org, or email vdayoliverosoyoos@gmail.com with any questions.

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YES to school – NO to buses

wed snow me22Wed snow work22Collecting more info

Informed by SOSS and text messages in Willowbrook

Willowbrook has no power. No reason given. One utility line spotted down north of Oliver.

SO residents welcomed this morning with several inches of very wet snow this morning. Road conditions are snow-covered and slushy and motorists should use precaution when driving to work this morning. Power was out in parts of Penticton overnight while there were reports of power outages in both Summerland and Peachland. Crews have been out, working hard, clearing snow and restoring power. Residents are reminded to be careful when shoveling snow – it is wet and heavy.

From Penticton

Here is the information we have so far on last night’s snowfall:

· Snow plows began their work around 3 a.m. this morning.

· Due to slick conditions, crews had to chain up which added time to the response

· All plows and the grader are now in service, actively clearing roads

· Main roads have been cleared and crews are now focusing on hilly areas of the community.

· Several trees are down in the community. Crews are trying to clear these up as they go.

· Today’s forecast is for warmer temperatures. Crews are trying to clear storm drains to help with any melting; it’s greatly appreciated if residents could check/clear their storm drains if possible.

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Super Valu




8 am - 8 pm SEVEN DAYS A WEEK





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2/9.00( Reg: 6.98 )


• President's Choice

• 1.2 kg Tin Assortment



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• 283g Box



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• Milk Choc. in Net

• 200g Bag






reg 13.99

Department Specials









• Club Pak Frozen • 7.97 kg





• or Mincemeat

• or Pecan  • pkg.of 6





Starting At $4.99

Floral Dept: Doris 250-498-2636 Ext-1



•  Sliced Fresh Daily






MON.DEC.1: CHICKEN STEW w/Biscuit...................... 5.99

TUE.DEC.2: COD NUGGETS w/Fries & Coleslaw...........5.49

WED.DEC.3: LOADED SMOKIE w/Baked Beans & Fries.5.49

THURS.: CHINESE FOOD..........Made in our Deli..100g.1.69

FRIDAYS: BORSCHT or CHILI.....small 3.29...large 4.29

               CABBAGE ROLLS.............................2 / 4.99

               PEROGIES.......................................6 / 2.99

               CHICKEN WINGS..............................5 / 2.00

Prices in effect: Fri. Nov. 28 - Thurs. Dec. 4       ** Quantities Limited, While Stocks Last **



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Sale Thursday to Monday

hometownWe have some really GREAT DEALS that aren’t mentioned.

Come and see me and my staff for our great deals! And we will have the coffee on all days!

Bonnie Hayes
Sears Hometown Store 
5955 Main Street


Oliver Place Mall

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Snow will be the Wednesday story

snow22Plows, how fast will it melt, Plows

How deep is it. I went out last night to  get some pictures and got stuck – felt silly.

Came home.

Best to wait until it all comes down and a lot is cleared away. No drought this winter.

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Out in the back yard

meeds snow pix

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November 2014

SOSS Parent Advisory Council (PAC) News

At the Annual General Meeting Thursday, Nov. 20th, election of officers took place. Three of the four executive were re-elected without contest, and PAC regretfully accepted Margie Mathieson’s decision to step down as co-chair at this time. Officers are: Bibiana Bailey – Chair, Paula Martins – Treasurer, and Audrey Silbernagel – Secretary. When her youngest child graduated last June, Carolyn Ellis’s time on the executive came to an end. SOSS PAC would like to express their gratitude to Margie and Carolyn for their years of service and valuable input. Also in attendance at the AGM were School Trustees Rob Zandee and Tamela Edwards. Many thanks were given to Tamela for her regular attendance and support at SOSS meetings for the past three years during her term as trustee.

Attendance at the meetings is generally low, and PAC would love to see more parents and guardians come out to help with spending and other decisions that impact students. The executive and school administration recognizes that parents and guardians are involved in their children’s lives in many other valuable ways. Input or feedback via email or a note in the PAC mailbox at the school is another way of making your views known.

In the past, guest speakers have been brought in to address parents on bullying and parenting tips, among other topics. Social media and the use of electronics by our youth may be of interest? If anyone has suggestions to make meetings more meaningful, please contact an executive or school administrator. Email addresses can be found on the SOSS website.

Minutes with meeting details and treasurer’s reports up to October 2014 are posted on the SOSS website under Parents, then Parent Advisory Council. There is no meeting in December. The next PAC meeting will be on Thursday, January 15th at 6:30 pm in the SOSS library.

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Warm and wet snow in Oliver

weather wet

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Photographer Nancy Falkus Overton

nancy bird22

Press for larger

What kind of bird?

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Dennis – much moral support

dennisDennis Munckhof calls himself ‘the moral support not the maker’ of a
new security door that Munckhof Manufacturing designed and made for the
Eastlink Curling Centre.

As well as being sturdy, the door is made like a
work of art with the outline of a curler cut into the 1/4 inch metal.  The
keyless entry system is built in and can be programmed with multiple entry
codes for multiple users.

Munckhof Manufacturing has a team in the Corporate Curling League, of which Dennis is the skip and ‘the moral supporter’ of, as well.

Many thanks to a great community supporter.

Contributed by Dale Dodge

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Common ground sought in Oliver meetings

BC Environment Minister Mary Polak and MLA for Boundary-Similkameen Linda Larson were in Oliver Friday November 21 for two meetings with area stakeholders to discuss the importance of environmental protection and the development and management of the outdoor recreation-based tourism economy in the region.

mary polak22To many, the meetings were considered the next chapter in the long-standing debate about the establishment of a National Park in the South Okanagan.

The gatherings held at Silver Sage Winery were to have a preliminary discussion about the various interests regarding issues of conservation, recreation management and tourism development in the region, and what actions provincial and local governments could take in collaboration with business and community organizations to further those objectives.

On hand to express their respective National Park interests were Doreen Olsen (S.O.S. National Park Network) and Chloe O’Loughlin and Peter Wood (Canadian Parks and Wilderness), Holly Plante and Brian Highley (South Okanagan Chamber of Commerce), Osoyoos Mayor Stu Wells, Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA) president Glenn Mandziuk, and Bryn White, program manager with the South Okanagan Similkameen Conservation Program (SOSCP).

“The continuing debate surrounding the national park reserve has highlighted the importance of environmental protection and the development and management of the outdoor recreation-based tourism economy in the region,” Environment Minister Mary Polak said in an email.

“I think it is important to fully explore the various interests in the region, and then begin to collaboratively identify possible solutions.” Osoyoos Mayor Stu Wells said that the meeting had a very positive tone and that he was impressed that the Minister went to the effort of bringing her staff to the area to find solutions to the ongoing dispute.

“To not have a resolution to this debate is disruptive to the riding, and I give her credit for trying to find common ground,” Wells said.  “The Minister has no mandate to work on a park.” During their meeting, Wells and Mandziuk spoke to the tourism component of a National Park in the area, and how the ‘National Park brand’ would help attract tourists from overseas.

Plante and Highley focussed on job creation and tourist dollars as well, while the CPAWS delegates spoke to the urgency of protecting the area’s delicate ecosystem.

Earlier in the day, Polak met with the Grassland Park Review Coalition – a group vehemently opposed to the proposed National Park. Included in that meeting – members of the BC Wildlife Federation and local representatives of the ranching industry.

“I think it’s good that she came,” said spokesperson Greg Norton. “The Minister has taken and interest in this file and I was impressed with her knowledge of the issues.”

Norton stated that the group’s meeting with the Minister was productive.  “Our discussion was open and frank.  No commitments were made, she was just exploring,” Norton said.

Minister Polak stated that the meetings were merely the first step in a more comprehensive process of engagement. Earlier in the day Polak met with members of the Okanagan Nation Alliance including the Penticton Indian Band and the Osoyoos Indian Band.

Also in attendance at both meetings members of the Osoyoos, Oliver and Keremeos town councils and the  Regional areas in between.

Polak indicated that many of the points made by all groups were the same – protection of the environment and biodiversity along with enhanced tourism opportunities with a respect for historical uses of the land.

She said she would look for a “made in BC solution” – something unique is possible that helps move us all towards a common goal. Untapped possibilities include native history tourism, eco-tourism, off season draws and more planned activities for vigorous youth sports activities.

Polak indicated that she would be talking to her ministry and cabinet colleagues and wouldn’t be able to do more until March at the earliest.

With files from www.osoyoosdailynews.com

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OK Photo – Makes a great gift

ok photo fourth

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Driver sought – hit and run – woman dies

Oliver – Investigators are looking to speak with the driver of an older model Chevy pickup after an elderly woman succumbed to injuries sustained in a pedestrian-involved collision Tuesday morning.

On November 25, 2014 at approximately 6:21 am, emergency services working in the community of Oliver, BC were called to respond to a fatal pedestrian-involved collision which occurred at the intersection of Fairview Road and Highway 97 (Main Street) in Oliver, BC. On arrival it was confirmed that a single elderly Caucasian female was attempting to cross Main Street when she was struck by a northbound vehicle. Initial investigation represents that the driver of the northbound vehicle stopped with the intent to render assistance.

Shortly after this initial contact and before the driver of the northbound vehicle could make contact with the pedestrian a second vehicle, which was also northbound, appears to have struck the pedestrian who was now lying on the road. The second vehicle, described as an older late 1980’s model white Chevrolet pickup, continued northbound from the intersection. Police are looking to speak with the driver of this vehicle or any witnesses who may have been in the vicinity of this incident.

The name of the deceased is being withheld pending notification of next of kin.

Further details will be provided by South Okanagan Traffic Services as their investigation continues.

Vehicle Description:
•Older, late 1980’s model
•Chevrolet pickup
•No Canopy

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the South Okanagan Traffic Services in Keremeos (250) 499-2250 or remain anonymous by calling Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)

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Safety issues highlighted in reader comments


Press pictures for larger

See earlier story of traffic fatality on Hwy 97 at Fairview crosswalk

traffic two22

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Your health made easier


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Thank You


It was an honour and a privilege to represent Rural Oliver Residents at The Regional District for the past 3 terms.

Allan Patton, Director

RDOS Area C Oliver

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