Letter to the editor

Is there a solution to the teacher’s dispute?

The answer is YES. It requires some radical thinking and action, but the BC education system is stalled in the 1960’s. At the present point in time we see a lot of gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands by the 57 school boards in the province. In 1946 there were 650, in 1996 there were 79. Why do we still have so many, when they are so impotent? At one point in time they were empowered to bargain with the teachers they employed. Nowadays, they have virtually no useful role to perform. Their bargaining mandate has been usurped by BCPSEA. The provincial funding is all predetermined, they cannot raise local taxes, so why not do what Ontario has done and create 5 or 6 super districts, centralize the electronic payment of salaries from Victoria, do away with 50 superintendents, whose salaries are in excess of $100,000 per year, effect much greater economy of scale with purchasing, give employees much greater freedom of movement within the province, sell off all the expensive school board properties, and put the savings into the areas where the “rubber meets the road”, in the classroom. There is more than $500 million in savings right there.

The real empowerment should rest with the PAC groups in the schools, who could just as effectively metre out discipline, which is one remaining domain that school boards exercise. This is what has happened in New Zealand.

The savings in the dismantling of the little empires around the province, will more than cover the costs to reinstitute the teachers and educational assistants that have been cut from the system over the past ten years. Two successful court challenges by the BCTF should be a clarion call to the government of the day, that a contract IS a contract. Last time I checked, this was not a dictatorship, though many think it may be heading that way.

Back in 1975, when I first started employment with then SD #14, there were more students enrolled in just 4 schools ( Osoyoos K-10, SOSS, OES and OK falls), there was half a superintendent, one secretary treasurer, a couple of secretaries, all the payroll was done manually, and the board office was a couple of rooms at the end of the east wing of SOSS. Quite the little fiefdom that has been built since then.

So let’s move with the times and get into the 21st century. If the government can’t see the writing on the wall, students and parents will take their education into their own hands, abandon the public system and turn to the world wide web, where their kids will learn what THEY are interested in, and schools will become some anachronistic establishment, about as useful as 8 track tapes, or coachmen who used to drive around the idle rich in their horse and buggies.

The box is changing and if you can’t think outside it, take a serious look at how it is transforming, then schools, which I consider: “four walls with tomorrow inside”, will have failed in their mandate to empower and educate the youth of tomorrow.

If you have the political will, you will find the financial means to achieve the goals.

Russell Work

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Super Valu

Back to Regular STORE HOURS:

8 am - 8 pm SEVEN DAYS A WEEK

Back to Regular STORE HOURS:

8 am - 8 pm SEVEN DAYS A WEEK





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RDOS election notice – 2


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$40/per child for every day school not in session

Registration opens for parent support program

VICTORIA – Starting today, parents of public school students 12 years old and under can register at http://bcparentinfo.ca/ to receive $40 per student for each day school is not in session due to the ongoing labour disruption in B.C. public schools.

The Temporary Education Support for Parents (TESP) program is intended to help parents with the added cost of learning and supervision for the duration of the labour disruption.

Parents and primary caregivers are eligible to apply. Primary caregivers can include step-parents, legal guardians, foster parents, host parents for international students, caregivers with temporary custody arrangements, and family members who normally care for the student, such as grandparents.

To register parents and primary caregivers will need to provide the name, address, date of birth, school district number and school for each eligible student.

Payment will be made by cheque in a single payment mailed to the address provided during registration. Most payments will be processed within 30 days after the month that the labour disruption ends. Payments for students attending kindergarten, and for students who are new to B.C. public schools, will also be made after the labour disruption ends, once enrolment for the current school year can be confirmed.

Eligible parents will have four months from the end of the month in which the labour disruption is settled to register for the temporary education support. No new registrations will be accepted after this date.

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Where is this?


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Framed in green


Press image for larger

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Skaha Bluffs – death from fall

credit hello bc

credit hello bc


A Seattle man died Saturday when he fell at the popular Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park.

The man, thought to be in his 30s, waswith a group of climbers from Seattle.

He was airlifted out by helicopter.

The park is a well-known and popular rock climbing area south of Penticton.

Saturday at 4 p.m. Penticton RCMP responded to a man down call at the bluffs.

The man fell from an unconfirmed height and died from his injuries.

RCMP are not releasing any further information at this time, pending notification of next of kin.

The preliminary investigation is finished and the park was open Sunday.

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Come Tuesday – what will your kids be doing this week?

credit BC Government

credit BC Government

What are the options?

Stay at home?


Park and Recreation fun-care?

More holidays?

Tell us how you plan to cope.

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Photographer Paul Eby

EBY fog

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Fitness – Pilates Plus – Contact Pia

pilates plus222

We specialize in therapeutic Pilates

We help you find the appropriate exercises for your body and particular needs. Our goal is to help people gain postural awareness, and give the tools needed to improve your physical condition. The emphasis is on postural awareness, core stability and strength, mobility (flexibility), and improved physical function.

The class sizes are small so that we can provide lots of guidance in form and alignment and keep you safe and pain free during exercise. We have specialized Pilates equipment that makes exercise easy and it can be adapted to any condition.

We offer the following programs:

  • Bone and Joint Health Classes (for people with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other chronic pain conditions)
  • Pilates Mat and Reformer
  • Flow Yoga and Yoga for Chronic Pain
  • Men’s Pilates Strength and Conditioning program
  • Spinning and Circuit Muscle Conditioning Classes


New classes begin Sept 8th please contact Pia at 250.462.3511 for further details. Classes run 6 weeks at the time, pre-registration is required.

Pia Jmioff is the owner of the studio, she holds a degree in Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia and is a Certified Exercise Physiologist with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology. She has over 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry specializing in Therapeutic Pilates, Post Rehabilitation (after you see the Physio Therapist), and various types of fitness classes. Please see our website for more detail at www.pilatesplusfitness.ca.

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2012 – Bernard Bedard photograph


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RDOS notice – Green Lake Road

green lake road

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Ice cream and fresh peaches

wk trading22 9001 Highway 97 Vaseux Lake – watch for the signs – Open 9 to 9 seven days a week logo for wk trading22

W.K. Trading Co. is more than a convenient store for a neighbourhood it will have a complete line of food and grocery items, general merchandise and specialty items.

Drop in and watch the store grow!

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2011 – Photo by Brandt Leinor

photo by brandt Leinor

This was before I instituted the larger picture format.

Maybe Brandt can send the original again.

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Regular Sunday feature

Nunes-Pottinger Funeral Service

Press Button above

Regular Sunday Feature

Obituaries Listed:

Kathleen Thebes
Roy Smart

It’s the policy of ODN to publish some obituaries in full on the main page as we become aware of a notice ~ at the discretion of the publisher. Some families request that an obituary be published here and there is a charge for that.

As a public service ~ ODN will publish this page on Sunday with updated information. Today’s page reflects notices published on the Nunes Pottinger website August 25th to August

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“Government trying to avoid the cost of court decisions” – Iker

jim iker bctfBCTF President Jim Iker:

Education Minister Peter Fassbender has said many times: “Let the courts decide.” And we agree entirely with that approach. But, in reality, what they are insisting upon at the table would undo any future court decision.

Does the government really expect that teachers would bargain away everything the BC Supreme Court has already awarded us? And what future decisions might bring?
Twice now the government has been found to have violated Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms in BC Supreme Court. And now, the BC Liberals are trying to negotiate away those court losses and any future decisions.

Once again, the BC Liberals want to keep the necessary funding that students need out of BC’s public education system.

Not only is government insisting on something they know perfectly well teachers cannot accept, they are refusing to make any compromises in their position.

There was no commitment to increase funding to support the learning needs of our students, nor was there any effort to move on salary. By refusing to increase funding for learning conditions and trying to circumvent the courts, the BC Liberals are jeopardizing the start of the school year.
These two

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“I don’t see any quick or easy solutions” – Fassbender

P fassbenderPeter Fassbender – Minister of Education

“It is wrong and misguided for the BCTF leadership to expect a bigger
compensation package than all other public-sector workers simply because
they are willing to shut down schools.

“Their demands would plunge B.C. into deficit. No mediator can bridge
that kind of gap.

“There is also a big gulf on how to deal with learning conditions. The
British Columbia Public School Employers’ Association (BCPSEA) is
offering solutions that focus resources where they can best help
students. The union, meanwhile, continues to seek rigid class size
numbers and teacher ratios that only increase the number of teachers but
won’t necessarily address the actual learning needs of students in

“The BCTF says they want government to be ‘flexible.’ But what they
really mean is that they want us to abandon our balanced budget. We are
not going to go into debt, we are not going to raise taxes, and we are
not going to be ‘flexible’ with our commitment to be fair and even-handed
with all 300,000 B.C. public-sector workers.

“We’ve been very clear and consistent ever since BCPSEA tabled its
comprehensive offer back in June. The package on the table is fair and
reasonable – both in terms of teacher pay and on class composition – and
it is very near the limit of what we can afford.

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RDOS election notice – 1


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Mediator steps out – sides too far apart

credit cbc

credit cbc

Vince Ready has left talks between the B.C. teachers’ union and the provincial government in Richmond saying the sides are too far apart to come to a resolution anytime soon.

The veteran mediator had been working as a facilitator since Thursday — when talks resumed after a summer of stalled negotiations. He now says there is nothing for him to do.

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Suspicious car fire – Friday morning – Road 7

car fire22Oliver Fire Department called after midnight and found a vehicle engulfed in flames. No driver. Not much left of the vehicle after the fire. Police investigating with a license plate. Thanks to Peggy Cumberbatch for allowing ODN to use her photograph. Press image for larger. 7 fire one22

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3 tour bus accident victims in critical condition

credit ctv

credit ctv

Coquihalla Bus Accident

Interior Health continues to provide treatment for individuals injured in the August 28th tour bus accident on the Coquihalla Highway.

At this time, of the 43 patients originally transported to Interior Health hospitals, 22 remain in hospital. Of these, eight are at Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops, and 14 at Kelowna General Hospital.

Interior Health does not provide specific information on patients, but can provide the following general condition information:

•Three are in critical condition
•Two are in serious condition
•17 have non-life threatening injuries.

Other patients injured in the accident are receiving treatment in Lower Mainland hospitals.

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Photographer Doris Lancaster

geese doris22

You’re right – On Peanut Pond

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More fencing, more trailers – maybe some action next week.

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Not a Saturday project

coop two22

This goes into that. Is there more?

coop one22

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Bag sale starts September 10th

The Painted Chair

Huge Bag Sale – $5 a bag

Spring and Summer clothing must make way for Fall and Winter

Wednesday September 10th and

Saturday September 13th

Open 9am ’til noon

hovanes chair22

The Painted Chair

is located at 5857 Sawmill Rd in Oliver 250.485.2500

All furniture sold at the Painted Chair is creatively upcycled by clients of Hovanes Community Services Ltd. and clothing is donated by the public.

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