Decline in school population – of concern to trustees

Preliminary figures for the new school year indicate a serious drop in student enrollment.

Local school boards must report to the Ministry of Education by the end of the month on exactly what the current enrollment is for funding purposes.

Last year School District 53 rallied and showed some strength when it came to enrollment but according to senior staff – the 2014 figures indicate a downward trend that started a number of years ago and is predicted to level off in 2017.

Just on elementary schools the figures indicate concern:

Ok Falls – down 24 students

Oliver Elementary – down 14 students

Similkameen Elementary – down 9

Substantial declines in secondary school as well .

Chair Marie Tarr says it is important to watch this graph as it dips and rises but the figures are actually better than what was projected. Final figures, checked and re-checked will be forwarded to the government in Victoria to determine whether this School District go back into a “protected” position in regards to funding formulas.

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Trustee candidates should be included – school board says

tarr22At Wednesday’s School District 53 meeting, Chair Marieze Tarr stated her disappointment that candidates for election in the Oliver area were not being allowed to come to the forum and present their credentials.

Tarr had been informed that the SO Chamber of Commerce planned an event for Tuesday November 5th at the Frank Venables Theatre – but invites issued to municipal/regional candidates only.

Tarr will write a letter to the Chamber. She says with 2 minutes speeches it would take a short time for the presentations of school board candidates.

Silvia Slater, president of the South Okanagan Similkameen Teachers Union also commented and sent an email to the Chamber. Slater says SOSTU used to facilitate the community forums in the past but when it was dropped a number of years ago – trustees were eliminated from the mix. In School District 53 – all incumbents were acclaimed in Okanagan Falls, Osoyoos and the Similkameen but in Oliver – two positions are up for grabs. Two challengers and one incumbent for a three way race.

All at the meeting agreed that the elections are held at same time, jointly organized and that the community forum in Oliver should include the three candidates for school trustee.

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Could we have a little service over here?

sat opening22Manager Kathy Roveredo and Husband Mario Roveredo set to open the Flea Market Restaurant ready for this Saturday.

Building owner Nick Poznikoff seems happy about in picture above.

Photo by Roger Richardson

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November 1st



11 TO 2





Contact: Brad Fossett 498-9644

Willowbrook Volunteer Fire Department

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Our heros – honour them

As we approach Remembrance Day, we think about our fallen heros. However, we sometimes forget that we still have thousands of unsung heros who go unnoticed.

These are the men and women who protect our country, and other countries around the world, on a daily basis. Many of these are wounded heros, injured while in service, not just in our armed forces, but also whilst fighting fires and crime.

Let us not forget those men and women of the Police Force and the Fire and Ambulance Service who are injured, and in need of care and convalescence whilst receiving hospital treatment.

One place for these men and women to recover is Honour House, a fully modernised, Heritage Home, located in New Westminster. Here the patients can relax and recover in a quiet, healing atmosphere. Their families can also be accommodated, if they live far from the area.

Volunteers and donations are always required to assist in providing the care and comforts, needed on a daily basis, by those convalescing at the facility.

The Order of the Eastern Star will be holding a hot dog sale, outside of Buy Low on Friday, 24th October from 10.30 – 2.00pm, all proceeds of which will be sent to the Honour House Society. Please come and support this very worthy cause and enjoy a hot dog with fried onions. Cost is by donation.

For more information on Honour House email :

For information on Order of the Easter Star, call Peggy 485-4421

Contributed by Pat Whalley

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Ribbon cut

ribbon cut22

Above Ann Howard from BC Housing, Trudy Demorest-P/President DVHS, Janet Shaw-President and Colleen Misner from MLA Linda Larson’s office – help cut the ribbon

A new facility at 22 Jonagold Place in Osoyoos was officially opened today  for administration of the Desert Valley Hospice Society and for programs.

The facility will be used as a Supportive Care Centre which the Society will utilize as their administrative office, as education and training space for Hospice Volunteers and as a place from which to deliver current and future programs. It won’t be a 24 hour a day care facility. shaw22

Society President Janet Shaw thanked BC Housing as well as local MLA Linda Larson and  the town councils from both Oliver and Osoyoos.

Shaw also singled out the society’s volunteers. “Saying thank you just doesn’t seem like enough,” Shaw said of the hospice volunteers.  “You really are the heart of what we do.”

“This is a well-oiled machine being driven by Janet Shaw,” Osoyoos Mayor Stu Wells told a packed house.  “When Janet gets behind a project, you know it’s going to be successful.”  Wells added that the new facility speaks to the success of collaborative efforts of the towns of Oliver and Osoyoos.  “Every time we’ve done something spectacular, it’s been together,” Wells said.  “These two towns working together for the betterment of the area.”

Oliver Mayor Ron Hovanes thanked the society for providing the public with education on subjects and programs that are perhaps not easy to promote.  “You have done so much to educate the broader community on how important (end of life care) is,” he said.  “On behalf of the Town of Oliver I absolutely wish you nothing but success.”



ribbon cut two22


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ODN award for best political sign – 2014


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Joel Malcolm for RDOS Director

joel pixWhat Joel Believes In

Joel understands and believes that the economic, cultural and service amenities availed by the Town surrounded by the Rural and Rural First Nation Communities do not reflect the Rural Areas’ overall economic health, culture and amenities found there.

Joel also believes that: continued citification attempts to alter your traditional Rural Lifestyles, by Bureaucratic Bylaws and Inquisition Type Enforcement must halt-so a more enlightened and transparent direction may be employed.

As your Area “C” Representative Joel would strive and commit to:

  • Shedding light on the funding folly for the “Community” Theater Society
  • Support a Provincial Park in our area only with your consent
  • Always Listen and Represent only your Perspective
  • Embrace, Endorse and Celebrate the Gleaners
  • Resolve the Golden Mile Access Conundrum

He would also: Invite O.I.B. representatives to participate in all mutual concerns starting with lake, stream, groundwater, fish farming, sewage & garbage disposal . . . and

Welcome Oliver’s Mayor and Council with the understanding that they need and ought to appreciate, embrace and cater to all Rural Community Economic, Cultural and Social Activities.

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RDOS Area C Planning Committee


Actual motion passed

Although title to the property in 1972 is in issue and might exempt the applicants from the Home Site Severance provisions; the fact that the applicants have not resided in the residence since at least 1990, precludes them from a Home Site Severance grant.  Therefore, the APC recommends that the RDOS Board not “authorize” the application to undertake a home site severance subdivision at Lot 808, Plan KAP4592, District Lot 2450S, SDYD (310 Miller Road) Electoral Area ‘C’ to proceed to the Agricultural Land Commission. Carried


RDOS Area ‘C’ Advisory Planning Commission Meeting
Tuesday, October 21st, 2014
Oliver Community Center, Room #1

Report by Pat Hampson

Chair Bill Michael called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. after delaying the proceedings in anticipation of the applicants’ arrival; the applicants did not attend. Commission Members in attendance; Sara Bunge, Secretary; Commission members; Cort Larsen, Jessica Murphy in attendance. Recording Secretary, Sofia Cerqueira and Electoral Area ‘C’ Director Allan Patton. The minimum requirement for a Quorum was met.

The Commission had one item on the agenda regarding an application by Maria and Andre Miller to sub-divide the property located at 310 Miller Road, Oliver. This request relates to land in the Agricultural Land Reserve and is referred to as Homesite Severance.

The Commission reviewed the report received from RDOS Staff and expressed serious concerns with the apparent contradiction contained in paragraphs 1 and 5 on page 2. Paragraph #1 reads; “In order for a person or persons to qualify for Homesite Severance the individual must have, amongst other things, continuously owned and occupied the property as their principal place of residence since December 21st, 1972”. It was stated in the report that; “the applicants is advising that they have owned the property since 1951”, however one Commission member suggested that the Millers’ son has been the occupant.

In paragraph #5, the report states “Administration is concerned that the applicant does not appear to qualify for consideration under the ALC’s (Agricultural Land Commission)
Home Site Severance Policy as they have advised that they inherited the property in 1990 when their parents’ Will was probated and Title to the parcel transferred from the estate”.

Considerable discussion occurred regarding qualifications for severance, the principal concern being the apparent contradiction in the Staff report and the importance of the Millers being in attendance to clarify this issue. As was stated by one member in relation to this apparent contradiction: “we are being asked make an assumption on the content of the report so any decision we make is like playing with shadows”.

Chair Bill Michael asked the members if they were in a position to make a motion regarding the request. There was discussion as to the placement of RDOS option #3; “The APC recommends that the RDOS Board not ‘authorize’ the application to undertake a homesite severance subdivision at Lot 808, Plan KAP4592, District Lot 2450S, SDYD (310 Miller Road) Electoral Area ‘C’ to proceed to the Agricultural Land Commission”; and the actual APC text and whether it should be a sentence or in point form.
(Due to the complexity of the APC motion this writer was not able to guarantee accuracy without confirmation from the Recording Secretary so details of the complete justification will be forthcoming later today once the Chair approves the minutes.)

However Jessica Murphy moved and Cort Larson seconded a motion which denies the Millers’ request for Homesite Severance; the motion passed unanimously.

Following this decision the APC had an Ad Hoc, informal discussion on the terms of reference and conditions to be met for approvals of Homesite Severance on ALR properties. This discussion revolves around whether or not the ALC regulations should apply to future generations or be terminated upon the death of the original owners.

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Photographer Roger Richardson

hawk roger

Press to enlarge

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Warm….and fuzzy

fibre broads

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Lest we forget

a a poppy

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568 Lions Roar into Ocean Shores, WA

October 16-17-18 Multiple District 19 Lions from BC, Washington & Idaho were at their 93rd Annual Convention.

Representing your Town and District for Lions, was President & Zone Chairperson Joanne Bray and Lions Secretary/Treasurer & Lioness Secretary, Linda Schaffrick. Joanne received the President Excellence Award and Linda received the Secretary Excellence Award.

Thursday was taken up with registration, seminars, Boat rides dinners & Opening General Session. Friday was taken up by Second General Session, seminars, helping judge contests & awards & Friendship Dinner/Fun Night Pajama Party. Saturday was helping with voting, seminars & Closing General Session, Memorial Service, I would like to say a few words about this. The memorial was a sad time for 2 reasons. We sat and listened to them read off the peoples names and Clubs one at a time, there were 214 Lions that have passed in the last year, the sad part of this for us, is that this is only 1 Province and 2 States, there are 209 countries Lions are in and having the same problem, the older are passing, and the second sad part is the younger population is not replacing them.

All service Clubs and Legions are having the same problem, it is not just Lions. Volunteers are the HEART of every Town, what is going to happen when the older ones are gone. Four to eight hours a month of your time is not much, but think what it will mean to that child that has Cancer or the one that needs a Heart or has bones breaking and the parents that can’t afford to stay out of town to be with their child. Please consider calling Joanne 250-498-3433 or Linda 250-498-3710 or any Service Club or Legion. Your help is needed.

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2 dead – 2 injured after gunfight on Parliament Hill – Ottawa locked down

war 3

plan22Wednesday – Chaotic situation on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. One Canadian Forces soldier shot at the War Memorial. This man from Hamilton – a reservist –  has now died of gunshot wounds.

One gunman shot and killed in the centre block of Parliament by security guards.

Ottawa Hospital says two people being treated for injuries – not life threatening. Earlier, a man was seen jumping from a Toyota Corolla at 9:52 eastern just before caucus was preparing to sit, and then dozens of shots were heard.

The car now sits empty outside Centre Block. It has no licence plates.

Ottawa is in lockdown as police search buildings and parkland at the capital.

This could be a single gunman incident – RCMP to brief media shortly.

war2 ***

A gunman ran shortly before 10am Ottawa time from a car and shot four times and then entered the Centre Block where more gunshots were heard. Gunman described as wearing a hoodie and bandana.

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Wednesday travel pix

wed fry22

Esztergom Cathedral in Hungary – photo by Brian Fry

wed allen22

North Cape, PEI harvesting Irish moss – photo by Torrey Allen

wed potts22

Double exposure from Paris taken yesterday Gary and Sheila Potts

wed pivovar22Roberta Ron Pivovar –  Mayan Ruins Pelanque, Mexico last winter

wed rocky flag22Rocky Lundy – all red in Ottawa for Canada Day

wed trough audrey22White Swans feeding in Victoria – Audrey MacNaughton

Press images for larger

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Super Valu


8 am - 8 pm SEVEN DAYS A WEEK

Locally Owned and Operated

Wally & Terri Brogan



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• Suraj Brand • 4.54 kg Sack

$11.99( Reg: 16.99 )


• No Name 925 g Tin

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• No Name Brand

• 1 kg Bag






reg 13.99

Department Specials


• Fresh• U.S. Grown





• Boneless • Skinless • Seasoned • IQF Frozen 4kg box





• Ovenfresh





For all your

Floral Needs

Call Doris 250-498-2636 Ext -1


•  Sliced Fresh Daily





MON.OCT.27: LASAGNA with Garlic Toast.................... 5.99

TUE.OCT.28: LOADED SMOKIE w/Baked Beans & Fries.5.49

WED.OCT.29: CHICKEN STEW with Biscuit..................5.99

THURS.: CHINESE FOOD.......Made in our Deli..100g.1.69

FRIDAYS: BORSCHT or CHILI.....small 3.29...large 4.29

               CABBAGE ROLLS.............................2 / 4.99

               PEROGIES.......................................6 / 2.99

               CHICKEN WINGS..............................5 / 2.00

Prices in effect: Fri. Oct. 24 - Thurs. Oct. 30       ** Quantities Limited, While Stocks Last **

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Theft noted by RCMP – truck rams police car

A 33-year-old Osoyoos man faces multiple charges in relation to a series of events Tuesday morning which allegedly began with stealing a 1993 Ford F150 from a home in Penticton.

RCMP were told at 3:58 a.m. that the red truck, which had a Yamaha Big Bear ATV in the back, went missing from the driveway. The noise from the vehicle woke the homeowner who immediately contacted police.

An officer observed a southbound truck on the Channel Parkway at Skaha Lake Road at 4:09 a.m. The officer attempted to pull the driver over but instead the truck made a sudden right turn onto Old Airport Road, missing the turn and hitting a hill on the west side of the road.

The truck then reversed and rammed the front of the police vehicle.

The man, who was the lone occupant of the vehicle, faces charges including theft of a motor vehicle, evading a police officer, dangerous operation of motor vehicle, assault of a police officer with a weapon, possession of break-in instruments and driving while prohibited.

No name court date set for next week.

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sears o  17

Drop in this week to your Sears Hometown Store

at the Oliver Place Mall.

Contact Bonnie Hayes (250) 498-3448

5955 MAIN ST #1400

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New apple designed for Halloween

wednesday bray22Photo by Harry Bray

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Lining up for lunch at the Flea Market

wednesday lunch roger22Photo by Roger Richardson

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Taking Black Sage Rd. to get home

wednesday doris22Photo by Doris Lancaster

Press to enlarge

Banner above also by Doris

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Animal control services – expressions of interest

rdos animal

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Planning a party or event


If you are planning an open house or frequent entertaining then let

Parties & Pies do all the work for you

We specialize in preparing a variety of party foods that will please the most discerning guest and make your entertaining easy.

We put together packages of a variety of savoury and sweet, finger foods that can be frozen until needed, including

Party sized sausage rolls, variety of quiche, spanokapita, tortiere,
vol-o-vent, salmon tartlets, cheese puffs, veggie/cheese turnovers.

Assorted brownies, variety of squares, mince tarts, butter tarts, coconut macaroons, rum balls, chocolate truffles, all butter shortbread. (nut free assortments available)

Each order allows for 4-5 savoury items and 4-5 sweet items, per person

Price for 20-25 persons, $125.00
45-50 persons, $225.00
Gourmet cheese balls or logs, $15.00, serves 20.
$35.00, serves 50.

Pick up by arrangement, when needed
Also…..fully catered, buffet meals, minimum 25 persons $22.00 p.p.

Call Pat 485-0010 or use email at

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The doors are open

CBC Radio Show on stage at the Venables Theatre

The popular North by Northwest radio show is coming to the Frank Venables Theatre. Oliver audiences are invited to join host Sheryl MacKay on October 28th at 3pm for the taping of CBC Radio’s province-wide weekend morning show. Regular NXNW musical guest, June Goldsmith will join Sheryl on stage with other special guests and artists from the South Okanagan.

Each week North by Northwest features guests from across the province. There’ll be great conversation, fine music and a lot of laughs too. Whether it’s artists and performers, writers and chefs, gardeners and travellers, Sheryl brings guests with a passion for life and the arts.

As a special treat, the Oliver and Osoyoos Winery Association will pour a wine tasting in the lobby from a selection of fine local wines.

This special afternoon event is FREE and everyone is welcome. Come join the “on stage” audience to watch a CBC radio show in action.

Visit for more information on all upcoming events.

North by Northwest with Sheryl MacKay

Tuesday October 28th – 3pm

Venables Theatre in Oliver

Admission Free – Tickets at Door

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Festival of light

Office of the Premier

Premier Christy Clark has issued the following statement
marking Diwali:

“This year, Diwali will once again be celebrated by thousands of
British Columbians from several faiths in many communities.

“Beginning on October 23, the Festival of Lights marks a new year
and a new beginning – an opportunity to improve ourselves, our
province and our common future.

“Diwali reminds us of the cultural richness we enjoy in British
Columbia. This diversity strengthens us all.

“I know this Diwali will be celebrated in a spirit of understanding,
acceptance and respect throughout our province.

“A Happy Diwali to all those celebrating.”

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