Dubh Glas – best concept

My name is Grant Stevely, new to the town of Oliver and the person behind the construction of the new artisan distillery in Gallagher Lake. I wanted to forward along some information that could possibly be inserted on to the ODN website. It is community related and the support would be greatly appreciated.

The Small Business BC Successful You Awards (SYA) contest is a province-wide event that recognizes and celebrates the important contributions BC’s entrepreneurs make to their local communities and global economy. Two local business including mine are nominated and support in the form of votes would be appreciated from your readers. SYA understand all BC communities are different sizes and that different businesses have different sized networks. To level the playing field, votes will be normalized against British Columbia Regional District Population Figures. Support locally for our respective business gives us a great opportunity to be shortlisted.

Best Concept – The Dubh Glas Distillery


New nominations in six categories are still being accepted until November 30th. If you have a great business, come and be part of the action! Maybe the Oliver Daily News?


  1. Christine Hewitt says

    Grant I absolutely support your new Company and Business for here in the Town of Oliver and have Voted.. ..Best of Luck!
    Thanks ODN for helping to support local business with your current events blog…I am addicted to this website.

  2. Carolyn Madge says

    I voted as well but I also agree 100% with John. Life without ODN?? Unacceptable! It’s a great website and life would definitely not be the same without it.

  3. John Chapman says

    Congratulations on the nomination. I would like to pick up on your last suggestion, that perhaps the Oliver Daily News warrants being nominated too!!! Is there is any business or enterprise which has caught the attention of citizens of Oliver and provided service to our town and area like the ODN has? By providing daily news (even hourly at times), a means of communicating events and recognizing people as well as enabling a forum for exchanges of ideas and viewpints, the Oliver Daily News has become a “daily must” for many of the citizens of the Oliver and area.
    The ODN has taken so many people wonderfully into the “age of technology” and added so much to the lives and communication in our town. If a measuring stick need be used for giving these awards, perhaps the question might be asked, “Would this business be missed if it ceased to exist from this moment on?”

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